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How To Become Radio Jockey

How To Become Radio Jockey: If you are awestruck by how you sound with your personal voice and have the ability to captivate listeners with your words then you could have a job as radio jockey may be the perfect fit for you. In 1999, radio received major changes, as well as an growth of the programming on radio.

What exactly is Radio Jockeying?

The way we view radio has also evolved. In the past, Indian radio personalities were just called radio “announcers,” but in the past ten years, becoming an accomplished “radio jockey” (RJ) is thought of as no less than attaining fame. So, it is a rise of a myriad of jobs for radio jockeys.

What exactly is do Radio Jockey do?

The function that RJs’ primary function is to RJ will be to educate as well as entertain. Also called radio DJs Their work entails hosting various music shows and entertaining listeners with other elements such as interviews of guests like artists, musicians and other famous personalities connected to the field of film or music or otherwise. They also provide comments on the music piece or a film and managing the requests of viewers.

Radio Jockey Skills

If you’re serious about the radio jockey job it’s essential that you’re enthusiastic, fun and have a pleasant, friendly appearance. A clear voice and good command of the language is an essential requirement for anyone who wants to pursue an impact in the area.

To be a successful Radio jockey research is crucial, as in all other fields. It is essential to watch great radio jockeys so that you are able to learn their style, and then through practice, you can build your own. You must be aware of what people want and then provide them with what they need.

Radio Jockey Eligibility Criteria

The most important thing in this profession is obviously your voice. Your pronunciation and diction should be precise. You must know how to alter the tone and pitch in your voice. In different radio shows you’ll need to alter your voice in a different way which is why you need to be aware of that.

Radio Jockey Job Prospects

If you have the abilities and expertise there are numerous jobs to demonstrate your abilities. There are many private radio stations like Radio Mirchi, Red FM and many more, that are always looking for new talent.

Another radio station you can be employed by is the public-private enterprise AIR (All India Radio).

If you’re good at what you do You also are eligible to go into the realm of visuals as there are many successful RJs who have made the transition to television.

Pros and Pros and Jockey


  • Combination of performing arts and music
  • Meet new people
  • Flexible working hours


  • Unusual working hours since initially you may have to host shows from 4 AM in the morning or around midnight.
  • It is possible to feel lonely when you operate from a small , sound-proofed space with studio equipment as your partner.

Radio Jockey Salary

For a rookie within the industry, one are likely to earn around 10000 rupees. But, as the popularity of an RJ increases as does his income. The recognition of the audience and the ability to communicate will allow one to rise quickly in this industry.

Radio Jockey Institutes/Colleges

However, while there aren’t any courses for radio jockeys that are specifically designed You could consider All India Radio as a great training ground.

AIR has auditions every 3 months. the selected RJs get instruction for two months, and are introduced to the audio technology. If you’re looking to enter the field, this could be an excellent start for an exciting career.

Some of the most well-known RJs have started their own training institutions which offer RJ classes that lead to amazing RJ jobs.

A degree in any area is a requirement. Some institutes offer classes in broadcasting and communication that may last from two months to a full year.

There are also professional courses for mixing and voiceovers that you can take up.Short-term training in diction, creativity and appreciation for music can help you get a head start.

  • AJK Mass Communication Research Centre

Jamia Millia Islamia University

Maulana Mohammed Ali Jauhar Marg

New Delhi -110 025

Phone: +91 11 2698 7285, +91 11 2698 6812, +91 11 2698 6813

Fax: +91 11 2698 6811

Email: dmdheeraj786@gmail.com

Website: www.ajkmcrc.org

  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication

JNU new campus

Aruna Asif Ali Marg,

New Delhi – 110067, India.

Phone: 91-011-26741268, 26742920/60

Fax: 91-011-26741268

E-mail: dmdheeraj786@gmail.com

Website: www.iimc.nic.in

  • Amity school of journalism and Communication

New Delhi

Contact details:

Amity Campus, Sector 44

Noida- 201303.

Phone: 26569050, 2653047

Website: www.amity.edu

  • Asian Academy of Film & Television

Marwah Studios Complex

FC-14/15 Film City, Sector-16A


Uttar PradeshPhone: 95120-2515254, 2515255, 2515256.

Fax: 95120-2515246.

E-mail: dmdheeraj786@gmail.com

Website: www.aaft.com

  • Wigan & Leigh College, New Delhi


Ansal Tower,

38, Nehru Place ,

New Delhi 110019

Telephone No: 011-41617053/4/5/6 91818479333

Email: dmdheeraj786@gmail.com

Website: www.wiganindia.org

  • Sardar Patel College of Communication & Management, New Delhi

Kasturba Gandhi Marg,

New Delhi-110001

Phone: 23389942

Website: : www.bvbdelhi.org

  • University of Delhi

University Road, Delhi 110 100

Contact: South Campus: 011-24119832

Contact: North Campus: 011-2766709, 27667011 27667190,

Fax: 011-27667049

Website: www.du.ac.in

  • Academy networks Ltd. networks Ltd

Balaji Estate,

Guru Ravi Das Marg, Kalkaji, New Delhi 110019

Ph 26225901-06

  • EMPI Institute of Advertising & Communication

CSKM Educational,

complex, Satbari, Mehrauli

New Delhi -110030,Phone: 26805090, 26804210



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