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How To Check Ad Quality Score And Improve Landing Page Experience

By using weak keywords, compelling written text and a slow landing page of your website can down your Google ads quality scores. Whenever you will check your quality scores you may see a great fall in the quality scores as well. The score will be below average.

However, there is nothing to worry about. It is possible to raise your Google ad quality scores. Mostly for the low budget and poor campaigns performance the ad quality score decreases. Nevertheless, there are lots of ways through which you can increase the ad quality scores. Before knowing any other things, it is important to know how to check ad quality score and how they prove as well, through this content you will get to know these two things vividly.

What Is Google Ad Quality Score?

The quality score is a form of measurement by Google and helps the audiences to know about the good scores and rank of a website as well. Google provides a scale from number one to ten. Each of the numbers stands for each thing and provides the ad quality scores as well.

This quality scores grades campaigns in three areas which are keywords, landing pages, and ads. You can check the quality score in the column of the Google ads report. However, any time you can improve your Google ad quality scores with the help of a few steps. On the other hand, if you want to know how to check ad quality score then you will get the information as well.

The Difference Between Quality Score And Ad Rank

Almost the quality score and ad rank look quite similar to each other and sometimes you may get confused. These two are ways of evaluating campaigns. However, both of these things are related but they are not the same.

Quality Score

It is one of the ways which Google provides advertisers by Google as a tool to improve the campaigns. The quality scores help the advertisers to know how to adjust with the campaigns when they see the keywords, ads and landing pages evaluated.

Ad Rank

It collects much more information about the account. However, on the other side, it determines ad ranks, keywords, and landing pages experiences as well. Moreover, if your ad rank will be better then eventually your quality scores get better as well.

How Is Ad Quality Score Calculated?

Talking about how to check ad quality score, there are three factors through which the quality score can be calculated. The three factors are

1. Expected CTR

Each of the factors acts accordingly when considering your campaigns. By the help of the expected click through rate and landing page experience contribute in bringing more quality scores than any other factors.

2. Ad Relevance

Your ad should be relevant with the keywords in the ads and what the audiences are looking for. All these things are helpful to increase the quality scores.

3. Landing Page Experience

On the other hand, the landing page experience should be smooth for the audiences as and should take the least of the time to load the page too.

How To Improve Land Page Experience

Three are almost five ways through which you can improve the land page experience. The ways are Page Load Time, Offer Relevant Content, Useful Content, Design Page and Promote Trust and Transparency. If all these things improved then eventually you can improve the land page experiences for the customers as well. Therefore, make sure these things are all okay in every possible aspect.


Hence, these are the things through which you can check the quality scores and can improve the landing page experience as well for the users who come to your website through their search.


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