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How to Cook Meat in ARK

How to Cook Meat in ARK: The process of cooking meat in ARK provides benefits that cannot simply eat meat that has been harvested from animals. If you’re in need of replenishing nutrition or health metrics and nutrients, cooking your meat will help your health and may even aid in taming your tamers, too.

Understanding the many ways to use cooked or raw meat, but also how prepare, preserve and transport it will assist anyone in ARK to succeed in their quest.

What is Cooked Meat?

As opposed to dinosaur eggs found in the lost ARK the meat doesn’t differ from land creatures of different types. The meat that you can get from the Rex is similar to the meat you get from the Raptor, Dodo, or Trike.

There are some exceptions. It is possible to get raw fish meat from submerged creatures. It’s still the same meat, no matter if it’s an Sabertooth Salmon or a Megalodon. There is also raw Mutton from Ovis. Ovis.

Raw fish and raw flesh can also be found in higher quality, referred to as Prime Raw Meat or Prime Fish Meat.

The most significant difference in the kinds of meat is that it is cooked as opposed to raw. Raw meat can be used for a variety of purposes however cooked meat is a vital food item for any character in the ARK.

How to Cook Meat in ARK

Although there are various places to cook meat, the method is the same regardless of what you decide to make use of. Two of the most common places people can cook their meat are the campfire as well as an Industrial Grill.

  1. Take the time to prepare the cookware you’re planning on using.
  2. Hit the Enter key in order to open its inventory.
  3. Remove the raw meats from your fridge into the stock of the cooker.
  4. Incorporate the required fuel in the inventory.
  5. The device should be started.
  6. Allow the meat to cook.
  7. Place the meat that has been cooked in your inventory. You can store it there or put it in an storage device in the event that you wish to.

One of the main factors to take into consideration is which cooking equipment you’d like to make use of.

Campfires are a great way to warm up. camping fire is a great option for those who play in the early stages of games. It’s ready to use immediately and requires little to build with materials. When it’s finished you can place it anywhere, include thatch or wood for fuel, and you’ll have your food cooking in just a few minutes.

  • A piece of meat that is raw requires twenty seconds for cooking over the campfire. A 15-piece stack takes five minutes. Likewise, an entire stack will take ten minutes.
  • A single piece of mutton requires just 1 minute to cook over the campfire. A 15-piece stack takes about 15 minutes. Likewise, 30 stacks take 30 minutes.
  • A single piece of fish meat will take about just 20 seconds of cooking over the campfire. A 15-piece stack takes five minutes. 30 pieces take 10 minutes.
  • Prime meat cooks at the exact time as meats of standard quality.

To build a campfire You must mix:

  • One flint
  • Two pieces of wood
  • 12 thatch
  • 16 stone

Industrial grillsis an excellent method to cook large quantities of meat in one go. It is however expensive to build and certainly geared towards gamers who want to play the game.

  • A single piece of uncooked fleshtakes about 18 minutes to heat on the campfire. A 15-piece stack takes 36 minutes, while 30 stacks take 54 minutes.
  • A single piece of uncooked Muttontakes just 18 second to roast on the campfire. A 15-piece stack takes 36 minutes and 30 pieces take 54 seconds.
  • A single piece of raw flesh of a fishtakes about 18 seconds for cooking on the campfire. A 15-piece stack takes just 36 seconds, while 30 stacks take 54 minutes.
  • Prim meatcooks with the same rate as the standard meats.

As you can see, it produces an enormous amount of meat in a single time. This is particularly useful when you’re feeding a lot of animals with cooked meat, or intending to stock up on meat for an outing.

To make an industrial-style grill it is necessary to blend:

  • 30 crystal
  • 40 oil
  • 40 cementing or achatina
  • 200 metal ingots

It’s made using the tek replicator or fabricator. It also is powered by gasolineand can be used for 40 minutes per unit of gasoline that you add to it.

Another option for cooking the meat ARK is to cook it in the tame Phoenix. The creatures can be used as a portable cooking station after you have tamed them.

  • A single piece of meat takes about 5 seconds to cook over the campfire. A 15-piece stack takes just one minute and fifteen seconds, while 30 stacks will take two minutes and 30 second.

Phoenixes can be difficult to control. It is necessary to strike them with fire-based weapons one smack at one time until you complete filling their taming bar. They will consume sulfur after taming. It may take some time to build an Phoenix that is why knowing how to prepare and use meat for your base will be beneficial until you are able to obtain this late game Tame.

Storing Meat

How you store your cooked meat will affect the time it will take before it begins to spoil. (Once cooked meat is spoilt the meat becomes spoiled as the meat that is raw.)

  • If you store the cooked food in the inventory of your store, one piece of each stack is spoiled in just 20 minutes. When you own four stacks that are 50 4 pieces of meat, they are spoiling every 20 minutes. If you have 20 stacks, ten of them 10 pieces of meat, ten pieces are spoiling every 20 minutes.
  • In a bin for preserving meat will last for 3 hour and twenty-five minutes.
  • In the refrigerator, it can last for a whole entire day. It can last for nine hours as well as 20 mins.

Make sure to verify your settings and modifications for the correct spoil timer. It’s been different on all servers I’ve been on due to the personal settings.

There is also a second step by turning that meat in cooked in the form of jerky. This can dramatically increase the amount of time the meat can last.

Making jerky from cooked meat is simple once the player has access numerous mid-game supplies such as oil. Many players decide to convert all portions of their meals into Jerky instead than storing cooked meat in a simple container.

  1. Check the inventory in the preservation bin.
  2. Add three sparkpowders, a units of oil, as well as one piece of cooked meat in the inventory.
  3. It is important to wait for the process to complete. It takes a preserving container 36 minutes to create one piece cooked beef Jerky.
  • A piece of equipment lasts for 2 days within a player’s inventory.
  • The piece is used for eight days in the inventory of a tame dinosaur.
  • The timer will be extended for 20 days if you put it in the bin for preserving.
  • The timer can be extended to 200 days when you put it inside the refrigerator.

As you can see, the longer duration of spoilage makes the cooked jerky made of meat the ideal food storage option since you are able to rest assured that it will last longer.

Recipes using Meat

There are some recipes within ARK that call for cooked meat. They provide a variety of various effects.

  • Enduro Stew provides the user a boost in health and regeneration in just 15 minutes. It can be made in the cooker using the following ingredients: water and ten mejoberries, nine ready-to-eat food items (or the meat of a fish, or cooked Jerky) five rockarrots, five savoroots and two stimulants.
  • Focal Chiliincreases the speed of your movements as well as crafting time for 15 mins. It is made by the cooker using 20 amarberries, 20 tintoberries and 20 azulberries. mejoberries, nine prepared beef (or the meat of a fish, or cooked Jerky) along with five citronal.
  • Lazarus Chowder increases the recovery of your health and lowers the quantity of oxygen you consume. It’s a fantastic food option to take on diving trips. It can be made in the cooker using an ice cube and ten mejoberries, nine prepared animal (or prepared meat, fish or Jerky) five longrass five savoroots, as well as two opioids.

Harvesting Meat

If you’re just beginning to learn about ARK it’s possible that you don’t be aware that you won’t achieve the exact yield using every tool for harvesting. For instance picking a pick is more efficient than an axe. Picks are better because you can get more meat. With a hatchet, it’s possible to will get more hide but at the cost of meat.

Think about taming a large carnivore in order to obtain the highest raw meat yield, take into consideration taming a large-sized carnivore. For example, the Rex, Allosaurus, Gigantasaur as well as Gacha are all good choices for tribes that require an abundance of raw meat all at once.


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