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How to Discipline Teenagers – Parenting Tips in Raising Responsible Teenagers

Tips to Become a Responsible Teenager

Parents should obtain information of how growth influences behavior, attitude and social interaction. This knowledge would enable them understand why these teenagers behave in the way they do, and help them accept the changes as normal occurrences.

The information gathered would also reveal that parental role during this important growth period, should be to support and guide these teenagers to develop into healthy adults they could be proud of some day.

In addition to rapid physical changes in their bodies, teenagers face other pressures like: tough school work, poor self image, peer pressure, sibling rivalry, fashion and class consciousness and high parental and societal expectations.

All these burdens they carry on their slim shoulders, make them nervous and behave irrationally sometimes to adults. For teenagers to cope with these pressures and succeed, parents must be aware of this precarious situation and be supportive. Otherwise, they would have rebellious teens they cannot manage.

Here are some suggestions to assist you with disciplining teens Tips to Become a Responsible Teenager.

– Set curfews. Setting a time limit for your teenager can help train him to be responsible; however, it should be accompanied by consequences.

The importance of good counsel cannot be underestimated. It is a known fact that without good advice, the relationship between teenagers and their parents would not be easy. To be more factual, there would be arguments, insubordination and tense moments with these teenagers.

For example, if these parents got good counsel, their communication and teen management skills would improve, and enable them speak and treat their teenage children with the dignity and respect they deserve.

— Talk about issues with your teenager. There is no longer a time when parents lecture their children.

• Allow them to be more independent. It’s not unusual for teens to want independence at this age. Therefore it is important not to dictate what they ought to be doing or what they should not. However, when giving them freedom, it’s crucial to look for indications that they might become lost in his pursuit addressed as well.

• Do not criticize your child by making all the negative remarks; make him understand instead when he’s made mistakes. For example, if you notice that his dressing style is different, try to offer constructive criticisms. If it’s something that’s isn’t suitable for him, you could discuss it with him and help him aware.

However, with open communication, you will be able to handle this issue a bit more easily. Being a parent is a challenging task for parents. These are when teenagers can be a bit rebellious and determined, but obviously, you can make a difference.

There are different phases of growth in an individual’s life and because teenagers are human beings, they are no exceptions to the rule. During this period of physical development of the body, teenagers are irritable and unruly and parents find them hard to manage.

At this crucial time of their lives, parents worry about their children’s welfare and future prospects. It is okay to be concerned. But being worried does not solve any problems. In the alternative, parents should make an effort to find out how to motivate these teenagers, instead of just hoping that all would be well someday.

To rectify this unhealthy situation, I urge parents to follow these reliable strategies for motivating teenagers. They include: getting information, learning from counselors and being more understanding. The other factors are; being patient, developing effective communication skills, praying and having faith.

Understanding the enormous pressures the teenager face daily is one of the solutions to insubordination. As a parent, find out the problems your teenage children are facing. Lessen your authoritarian posture to them and genuinely seek to know them.

Build rapport by patiently listening to all the problems they bring up and jointly find the answers. Give them the breathing space they need and stop nagging about their dressing, yet to be completed home work, unkempt hair, scattered rooms and unmade beds. Instead, model what you want them to copy by your actions and speak less in your home.

Listen keenly to know their fears and burdens and be a source of encouragement to them. Relate with their friends so that you would know where they go to, and what they do there. When they fail to live up to your expectations sometimes, do not scold them, just look the other way.

Help teenagers solve problems that they may have with their homework, if they trust you enough to seek your assistance. Though this may hurt, ask yourself this question. Were you like them as a teenager? Be frank with your answer so that you can offer relevant solutions to their predicaments.


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