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How to get C1 Driving Licence?


HGV refers to the heavy Goods vehicles. These are the large and rigid vehicles that require proper criteria for getting the licence of your choice.HGV(Heavy Goods vehicles) driving has many things associated with it. It allows you to drive different vehicles with different types of driving licences and different experiences. There are various types of licences that are connected with HGV driving. One of the major types of licence is the C1 driving licence.

How to get C1 licence is the second thing first you need to know about what is associated with a C1 driving licence? Let’s discuss this deeply to understand what all is illustrated by the C1 driving licence. Now there are various thoughts and processes which are associated with what is C1 on driving licence? Read more and get through all your confusions regarding the same.

What is a C1 driving Licence?

Category C1 driving licence allows you to drive heavy vehicles with a weight between 3.5 tonnes to 7.5 tonnes. In general, it is the prerequisite stage of another type of licence that is the C1+ E Driving licence. It is proposed that the person should be 18 years of age before getting the C1 driving licence. And a person should have a class B licence before getting the HGV C1 licence.

When it is good to have such a licence it also associates some of the limitations with it. Class C1 is generally valid until the holder of the C1 licence is 50 years in age. After the age of 50 years, it is to be renewed after every 5 years with a positive health and vision test that is just to ensure your safety. Additionally, When you get this licence that is the C1 licence for the first time then you need to submit a health examination and also an Ophthalmologist examination just to verify the fitness possessed by the person to ensure safe driving. Now as it is clear from the above discussion about what is C1 on driving licence?

Qualifications required for C1 driving licence

To drive such large vehicles like HGVs require some prerequisites that should be accomplished before you apply for the C1 driving licence. It is advised that the person should be 18 years of age to apply for such a heavy licence and should also have the Class B licence beforehand. Moreover, once this criterion is followed a person should know the criteria of getting the HGV C1 licence in detail. Once the qualifying criteria are followed wisely a person can go through the things that should be cleared to get the HGV C1 driving licence. 

Criteria to get the HGV C1 driving licence

  • First of all, a person should go for a medical exam just to clarify whether they are physically fit for driving such large vehicles or not.
  •  Once the medical examination is done you should now opt for an HGV C1 driving licence training which includes two factors that are the HGV Theory training and the HGV practical training. 
  • These two different aspects are important to know and pursuing training is important to know deeply about these aspects. Further, once you’ve followed all the criteria for the same you need to go through the HGV driving test which again includes three factors that are the medical exam, the theory exam, and the practical exam. 
  • The medical exam is used to assist if you are fit for driving or not. Once you are done with all the medical examinations you need to go for the theory test., theory test includes the general driving test and the hazard perception test. To clear the first part of the theory test you need to answer 85 questions correctly from a total of 100 questions. 
  • Similarly, for the second part of the theory test, you need to answer 64 questions correctly out of the 100 questions. 
  • Once you fulfil this criterion you need to go for the last part of the HGV C1 driving licence, which is the HGV practical test. This test includes the basic knowledge as well as the knowledge about driving such heavy vehicles and also the practical driving in terms of various conditions that may occur when the person is driving on the roads. 


When you are done and clear with all the steps as listed above, all you need to do is go through all your documentation, and you will get your HGV C1 driving licence at your place in 10-15 working days. As discussed, it is clear that you need to go through all these criteria firmly to get the licence for legal and safe driving experiences. you can also check What is C1 on a driving licence? If you wish to know about the things in more detail.

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