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How to Look After Plants While On A Retreat

We invest a lot of time, work, and effort into cultivating beautiful and healthy houseplants, so we need to make sure they don’t suffer while you’re away. Water your plants with these gardening tips and tactics, so they can grow even if you aren’t there. Buy indoor plants online to add aesthetic value to your house. 

Material and type of pot 

The watering requirements of the plant inside a pot are influenced by the pot’s material, size, and style. Plants in self-watering planters require far less watering than plants in traditional pots with drainage trays. Unlike glazed ceramic or plastic pots, terra cotta pots allow soil moisture to evaporate more quickly. Pot size is almost as crucial as pot material. Any pot with a diameter of fewer than six inches will dry up soon, whereas a pot with ten inches or more will hold moisture for much longer. Small plants will be harmed more than huge plants due to a lack of water.


Make sure your plants are not in direct sunlight. Set up an artificial shade with a cover of thin white sheets planted in a flowerbed with direct sunlight access, ensuring that air is distributed throughout the garden. Another alternative is to pot the plants and bring them inside, creating a mini-greenhouse with ventilation slots out of a clear plastic bag.

Adjust the indoor conditions 

Most plants prefer moderate temperatures regardless of the season, so adjust your heat or air conditioning accordingly. Because most houseplants are tropical, they prefer temperatures ranging from 55 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Arrange plants on a tray of gravel and fill them with water to improve the moisture levels in your apartment; order plants online. Being closer together will benefit them both. It also helps to bring the shades or sheers back from the window, according to Pleasant, so that they use less water.

Ask the neighbour or a friend to take care. 

It’s perfect if you have a plant-savvy friend who can come over a couple of times a week while you’re gone in exchange for you doing the same. If you do some pre-travel planning, even a diligent non-plant-savvy individual will work in a pinch. Keep a record of how often or frequently each plant requires watering for a few weeks before you leave, and then provide specific instructions to your friend or neighbour.


Because some plant watering methods require minor tweaking to work, it’s critical that the way you put it up, that truly works. Even if you’re utilising one of these methods, don’t forget to give your plants a good watering before leaving.

Water wicking

This old-school method will provide your plant with the exact quantity of water it needs while you’re away, and it’s perfect for plants that don’t want a lot of water at once. Locate a considerable container as well as cotton rope. Cut a length of cotton rope long enough to span the gap between your water container and planter. Insert one end of the string a few inches into the plant’s soil, as close to the roots as possible without unnerving them. Put the other end of the rope in the container and carefully pour the water into the container. The rope will transfer water from the vessel to the pot, ensuring that your plant receives a consistent moisture supply.

Water spikes 

A watering spike is another tool that might assist you to keep your plants watered while you’re away. Terracotta clay is commonly used to make these spikes. The spike will discharge water into the soil as the soil dries out. You can also regulate how much water is released with terracotta spikes. The deeper the spike is pushed into the soil, the more water it will discharge. If you are gone for more than two weeks, you’ll most likely find a different way to water your indoor plants. A watering globe is a similar product. These, like watering spikes, slowly release water, although they’re usually more attractive. The majority of these spikes and globes will keep a plant moist for 7 to 10 days. As a result, you’ll be able to water in elegance. 

Plants should be removed from windows until you come back.

The simplest way to control the ventilation and temperature of your plants while you’re away is to group them. The tropical plants will be placed in your tub, while the succulents will be placed in a corner to dry out. Keep all plants away from any parameters that could cause the temperature to fluctuate at any time. Air vents, bright windows, and heating systems should all be avoided when growing plants. If you aren’t around to relocate them, these plants could dry out faster than usual.

These are some of the strategies and tricks you may use to keep your plants healthy and fantastic.


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