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How to Preparing Your Skin for Fall

October, and hence, fall season, is just around the corner. This means an all-new lifestyle transition. From the attire to the diet, everything changes to accommodate the new weather.

Naturally, the skincare routine also needs to change according to the weather. Our skin is heavily influenced by our environment, and it is pertinent that we make allowances for these factors.

Fall: what changes?

The major change that accompanies fall and winters is dry air. The cool dry air, coupled with lack of humidity promotes loss of moisture from the skin. Moreover, to combat the cold weather, most of us turn on the radiators and fireplaces. Dry heat also then promotes loss of moisture from the skin.

Dry skin is susceptible to breaking, and thus, damage. Moreover, lack of sufficient hydration in the skin also promotes wrinkle and fine lines formation. It also exacerbates conditions like eczema, which then requires treatment from the Best Skin Specialist in Lahore.

Thus, it is vital to make requisite changes for the fall. Following are some things to incorporate into your skincare routine:

1. Up your moisturizing game

The most important change that you need to make to your skincare routine is using moisturizer, and that too, a correct one. Lotions that are lightweight are better for summers, but for winters, use thicker creams.

Moisturizers help in hydrating the skin. They contain essential fatty acids that are a natural part of the skin but are lost in the winter winds. Other ingredients to look for in a moisturizer include hyaluronic acid, glycerin, aloe, honey, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, lactic acid, etc.

You should especially look for the one with ceramides. These chemicals form an important part of the water barrier, which when compromised leads to moisture loss from the skin. It thus leads to irritation, itching, and dry, patchy skin.

Since eczema is triggered due to dryness, those suffering from this condition need to be extra vigilant about using the correct moisturizer.

2. Body lotion is a must

We all love the soothing hot showers through the winters. However, this pleasure comes at the cost of compromised skin since hot water promotes loss of moisture from it. The result, continuous itchy and dry patches.

So, as your slather on face creams, do not neglect the rest of the body. Invest in a good quality body lotion, so that your skin is fully hydrated.

3. Reduce exfoliation

Winter skin is more fragile since the lack of hydration leads to the presence of cracks in the skin. Over exfoliation exacerbates the condition, by perpetuating the damage done to the skin. These not only then lead to inflammation and damage to the skin, but also promote moisture loss from the skin.

Thus, cut back a little on the exfoliation. A good indicator of you overdoing exfoliation is perpetual inflammation, irritation, itching, redness etc. of the skin.

4. Use a good cleanser

Your cleanser, if too harsh, can strip the oils present on your face. This can lead to perpetually dry skin. And, it can also cause your oil producing glands, sebaceous glands, to go into overdrive, producing more oil. It then leads to the formation of zits, clogging of the pores, and acne breakout.

Another thing to look for in a cleanser is its pH. Unless the pH of the skin is balanced to around an ideal of 5.5, skin problems will ensue; too alkaline, and your skin will become dry. However, if too acidic, you will have breakouts and similar problems. Thus, be sure to make the correct cleanser choice.

If you are unsure about which is the correct cleanser for you, it is best to consult a professional like the best Skin Specialist in Karachi.


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