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How to Reduce Bloating At Home

At some point, almost everyone experiences bloating. Well, it causes discomfort that can interfere with your daily life activities. The best gastroenterologist in Islamabad says that you can deal with bloating by the intake of supplements and massage. There are some exercises too that can help you deal with bloating.

It happens when you feel your abdomen tight or full. When a gas builds up in your gastrointestinal tract, it results in abdominal bloating. You can see the difference between the fat and bloat on your belly. Your belly looks larger when you have abdominal bloating.

You can hold your belly, if it feels tight, then it is due to the gas. Fat in the belly is easy to hold. One of the main reasons for bloating is fluid retention.

Tips To getting Rid Of Bloating 

When you have excess gas build-up, it leads to bloating. Many people share that they experience gas buildup right after eating the food. It takes a few minutes of such bloating. When you eat food, make sure that you avoid fizzy drinks, food that you are allergic to, etc.

Some foods are beneficial for the bloating issue but only when you are follow the healthy eating habits. 

Try Different Yoga Poses

Certain yoga poses help to get the right abdomen muscles position. GI tract requires the best muscle position in your abdomen that can help to release the gas buildup and discourage bloating.

Experts share that a happy baby pose (as the baby poses the body shape) can help to release the gas buildup that you experience after eating the food.

Gas Relief Capsules 

Anti-gas medicines are effective when it comes to deal with bloating issues. People must consult with the doctor before taking the gas relief capsules as they can help to move the excess air out of the digestive tract. Never ignore the label of the medicine when you take gas relief capsules.

Try Essential Oils 

Essential oils products are beneficial for people who experience bloating frequently. If you want to try essential oil directly, talk to your doctor. Direct use of essential oils can cause many issues. Studies say that some essential oils are toxic and can cause reactions with your medicines. You also need to avoid the regular use of essential oils.

Abdominal Massage 

You feel a tight belly when bloating occurs. In such a condition, experts suggest abdominal massage that can help in releasing gas buildup in your gastrointestinal tract. You need to place the hands above the right hip bone. The next step involves the rubbing of your belly in a circulation motion. Go with light pressure and continue it to the right side of the ribcage.

Start rubbing your belly toward the left rib cage and move to the left hip bone. Repeat the massage until you feel low pressure on your belly. Sometimes, abdominal massage can cause more discomfort. During such a condition, stop the massage and get help from your doctor.


Walking is a good practice for many health issues. For heart patients, it is the best solution to improve the blood circulation in your overall body. Do you know that walking is also beneficial for the bloating issue?

When you eat your food, go for a walk of 15-30 minutes. Excess movement of the body leads to bowel movement that results in a gas release. When you feel pressure on your belly, go for a walk. Constipation is also a common problem these days and many people who lack physical activity are more prone to it.

Try Warm Bath 

For a sore abdomen, you should try a warm bath. Studies explain that having a warm bath helps a lot to release the gas after managing stress levels. It allows your gastrointestinal tract to function properly. When your GI works effectively, it will prevent the bloating problem.

Drink Water 

When you prefer the fizzy drink to water, it will lead to various health issues. Fizzy drinks contain artificial flavors that cause bloating.

Final Thought

Excess intake of sodium results in water retention in your body that leaves your belly swollen and bloated. Make sure that you add a limited amount of salt to your diet.


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