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How to Save Money on a Business Travel- Tips For Smart Traveling

One of the most significant concerns for organizations, particularly small ones, is travel expenses. The need to reevaluate business travel expenses is significant due to the changing economy and shifting prices of flights, hotels, and rental services. It is possible to save money without losing comfort or dependability. Concentrating on the largest, as well as the smallest, expenditure areas, will assist create a more accurate picture of where money can be saved.

Recognizing what can be cut or toned down will help you have a joyful trip experience. Websites like AirlinesMap, Orbitz, Kayak, and Trivago make comparing airline, hotel, and car rental prices easier than ever. Keep in mind, not all businesses are represented on these platforms.

Businesses are revisiting corporate travel plans as business travel starts, searching for methods to track expenses more effectively and save costs wherever possible. It is possible to save money on travel expenses, but it will need careful preparation and effort from all of your staff. While I don’t have a large team of employees (yet! ), as a sole trader, I must manage my own business travel expenses and apply various tactics that successful businesses employ to cut travel costs. Use to keep track of and cut costs.

Find alternatives to hotels

The days of staying in hotels are long gone. You can discover economical lodging with all of the comforts of home on Airbnb. The host may also leave you some food and beverages, such as water and coffee, on occasion. In addition, I’ve never stayed at a host’s house without an internet connection. Paying for hotel internet access is one of the things I dislike.

Travel with only carry-on luggage

Avoiding baggage checks is one of the simplest methods to save time and money. It is no longer necessary to check luggage and then wait for the baggage claim to arrive. You will not be charged additional fees if your luggage didn’t exceed the weight restriction, which will save you money. The amount of time spent packing is also reduced: No, you don’t require the additional footwear. Yes, you should pack a spare shirt. 

Ask locals for restaurant suggestions 

Locals recommended some of the best foods I’ve ever had. These restaurants are not only tasty, but they are also less expensive – notably around lunch hours – because they are not tourist traps. I have to admit, just talking to the locals has introduced me to some of the most amazing people I have ever encountered. You can also inquire about the location of the nearest food store where you can buy pre-made salads or dinners.

Use coupon sites

I noted that you may use coupon sites to book a hotel room, but sites like AirlinesMap also include coupons for Expedia, Uber, Avis, Virgin America, and a variety of chain restaurants. Even though I dislike chain restaurants, I am often too weary to venture out, and they are the closest options. 

Use a fare alert tracking system

You can book a trip or a hotel room and think you’ve got the best deal, only to find out a few days later that there’s a sale and the flight or hotel room is available for less. Missing up on these opportunities to save money on travel can be aggravating. Fare alert tracking systems on AirlinesMap, which tracks rates on your booked flight from the booking day until the departure date and provides notifications when lower fares are found, can help you avoid this.

Avoid or minimize change fees

We’ve all had to adjust our plans from time to time. Change fees can quickly mount up and deplete your trip budget. Looking for airlines with advantageous airfare change policies is one strategy to avoid or reduce this loss in your business travel. Check the change fee policy before making a reservation on AirlinesMap because fees might change at any time.

Fly with just one airline or book one hotel chain 

Stick with your favorite airline or hotel once you’ve picked. You’ll accumulate points or awards that may be exchanged for free hotel stays or frequent flyer miles. Wi-Fi access, access to VIP lounges, and priority check-in and boarding are all additional benefits that can relieve a lot of travel stress while also saving you money in the long run.  

Adjust your per diem according to location

You probably charge the same per diem for travel no matter where you go. Depending on where you’re going, you might want to reconsider your per diem. Adjusting your per diem by the cost of living in the places where your employees travel is an easy approach to save money on business travel.


Of course, as a business owner, you will always be more concerned with remaining within budget than your employees, but you may urge them to save money for the company by providing incentives. Offering employees incentives to stay on budget or better staying under budget when it comes to travel expenses, they will be more likely to opt for cheaper flights, hotels, and transportation if it means rewarding them with a portion of the savings. Give time as a thank you, or be awarded extra.


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