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How to schedule messages on WhatsApp? Let’s learn

WhatsApp has rolled out several new features in the last few months.

This instant messaging app is taking such steps to make the app more user-friendly for the customers.

WhatsApp has recently introduced a payment feature. A few days later, the company also came up with the disappearing messages feature.

But a lot of times WhatsApp users can’t schedule chats. And that’s why so many big events are missed.

Wish someone a happy birthday on WhatsApp, but at midnight you are asleep in the mud!

If you keep a message on WhatsApp, the birthday message would reach your loved ones just in time.

How to schedule a message on WhatsApp?

If you want to schedule a message on WhatsApp, you need the help of a third-party app.

Because WhatsApp does not have its feature for scheduling messages or chats.

* At first open Google Play Store and download the SKEDit app.

* After install now open the SKEDit app and log in.

* When you open the SKEDit app, you will see a menu. Go to that menu and click on the WhatsApp option.

* Now tap on the Enable Accessibility option from the SKEDit app.

* Click on the Allow option.

* Go back to the SKEDit app again.

Now when you go back to the SKEDit app, the Ask Me Before Sending option will appear in front of you.

How to schedule messages on WhatsApp? Let's learn

If you turn on that option, you will receive a notification before the message goes the message can be sent after tapping.

Now if you turn off the Ask Me Before Sending option, the message will go away automatically.

This is exactly the way to schedule WhatsApp messages. WhatsApp is also going to add two new features in a few days.

One is Read Later and the other is the Mute Videos feature. Find out exactly what kind of features these two features are going to be.

Read more – WhatsApp’s user will be able to mute video before send

Read Later Feature – Soon the old feature Archived Chats will be renamed as Read Later feature this feature will work as a vacation mode.

Once the feature is activated, users will no longer receive any messages or call notifications from selected contacts.

Users can also activate or deactivate this new feature to their liking.


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