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How to stop eating nails? Follow those rules

Do you have a bad habit of eating nails sometimes? Or are you upset by the bad habit of eating your loved one’s nails?

Then know that it is a habit to eat nails, but it may not be a bad habit.

The habit of eating nails is harmful to our body this can lead to the strange shape of the finger, as well as stomach ailments, tooth damage.

In many cases, it can be a terrible infection again. So, in many cases, psychotherapists say to give up this bad habit.

But, if you can’t leave, there is nothing to worry about, but you can be happy.

How to stop eating nails? Follow those steps

This practice also has a scientific name. Many people adopt this habit in childhood and this habit continues to increase age.

But there comes a time when this habit becomes a lifelong problem, it needs attention.

Why eating nails?

If you are upset or frustrated with something, nail-biting can be an easy way. The habit of eating nails is usually taken as a sign of nervousness.

Why stop this habit?

The habit of eating nails can damage your skin and the surrounding skin. It can make you feel pain around the nails. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do the casting.

Also, there is a risk of bacteria getting inside your mouth through the fingers, and you can become infected.

Read more – Why fungal infection on the tip of the nails?

Nails can go into your stomach and put you at risk for intestinal infections.

Ways to stop nail eating –

As we all know that it takes more time to quit a habit, just like you are trying to quit the habit of chewing nails and if you are unable to do so, you need to be a little more restrained.

1. Cut your nails regularly – You don’t need to chew your nails when you take proper care of them. A regular ma is advised that you forget to chew nails.

2. Apply nail polish – Most nail polishes can stop these nail eating habit.

When you put nail polish on your nails and put those nails in your mouth you will get a strange taste. In such a situation your nails will stop eating.

3. Make friends with gloves – Although this is only a temporary solution, you can wear cotton gloves so that you refrain from eating nails.


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