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If they do not have a network you can call form Jio

Jio network problem most of the time after a lot of times it happens that you have to make an emergency call and at that time there is a network .

Then it seems that somehow the call is taken once.

With this problem in mind, Jio has launched a new service for the plan Jio start WiFi Calling Service.

With the help of WiFi Calling service, customers will be able to make voice and video calls even if they do not have a phone network.

Jio customers will get this service absolutely free of cost. Customers do not have to pay for this service separately.

If you have a premium smartphone, you can also take advantage of it by going to settings and making some changes.

What is its specialty?

For Jio WiFi calling, the customer will have to use the WiFi of any network.

Not that customers will not get the benefit of this WiFi calling without the Jio network.

You’ll have to switch between VoLTE and Wi-Fi for the convenience of awesome video calling.

Jio WiFi calling will work on 150 phones and more. During WiFi Kling, customers will be able to create videos if they wish.

No separate application is required for this Wi-Fi Calling.

Here’s how to get the most out of it – first upgrade the device’s operating system once more.

Because customers will get the benefit of this Wi-Fi Calling only from the latest version.

You need to check the network settings of your mobile phone. If you see the WiFi calling option in your network settings, turn it on.

The VoWiFi (International) calling facility is also expected to be announced in a few weeks.

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Voice over WiFi or VoWiFi, relying on WiFi. VoWiFi lets you make calls through home WiFi, public affairs, and WiFi hotspots.

If your phone does not have a network, then you can easily call without WiFi or any other phone hotspot WiFi.

The greatest benefits of VoWiFi will be found in roaming, as you will be able to talk on the phone for free with the help of WiFi.

The iPhone that will support iOS 13 will have WiFi calling on its own phone.

How On this Wifi Calling feature:-

  1. Go to the phone setting.
  2. Then search Wifi calling.
  3. Then on this feature on your mobile.
Jio Wifi calling
Image source Google
Image Form – Ninza Tech

Jio Wi-Fi – calling support mobile list:-

(1) iPhone 11 (2) iPhone 11 Pro (3) iPhone 11 Pro Max (4) iPhone 7 (5) iPhone 7 Plus (6)iPhone 8 (7) iPhone 8 Plus (8) iPhone 6S (9) iPhone 6S Plus

(10) iPhone SE,(11) iPhone XR,(12) iPhone X, (13) iPhone XS (14) iPhone XS Max Geo WiFi calling will continue on the phone.

(15) K20 series (16) Poco F1 (17) Redmi 7 (18) Redmi 7A (19) Redmi Note 7 Pro 9 (20) Redmi Y3, and Redmi Note 8 Pro will have WiFi calling.

The list also includes Google’s Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL, Pixel 3A, and Pixel 3A XL phones.

Samsung, Redmi, Vivo, and the latest versions of all mobile phones support this Jio call feature except for the above list.


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