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The worlds record for running a 2.8 km long train

Indian Railways is breaking the record in lockdown. Now the passenger train is not running special.

At first, run 18 bogies and later run 251 bogie trains were run and in a few days, a double record was set. The first 18 bogie train name is  “Super Anaconda”.

The worlds record for running a 2.8 km long train

On June 30, a freight train called ‘Super Anaconda’ ran.

Never before has a train run so long on Indian railway tracks Indian Railways has decided to run three freight trains at a time to save time in transporting goods due to empty railway tracks due to non-operation of passenger trains at the lockdown.

The initiative was named ‘Super Anaconda’. That initiative was successful in the first journey.

High-ranking railway officials announcement about the speed at which he is traveling on one of the busiest routes in the country.

The Super Anaconda arrives at Rourkela in just two and a half hours, starting from Lajkura.

The train with a maximum speed of 60 km per hour and an average speed of 40 km per hour has 16 wrecked racks about 15,000 tons of coal.

The train had three electric engines of 6,000 horsepower.

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This is the first time in the history of the railways that two trains have run across three trains.

At that time, it was said that trains like ‘Super Anaconda’ would run Indian Railways in the future as well.

The 2.8 km long freight train name is ‘Shesh Nag‘. This train set a world record. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal lauded the success of the railways.

It is learned that this train is made up of four BOXN racks together with four electric locomotive engines.

There are 251 wagons in the train. This huge train is between Nagpur and Korbar in the South-East Central Railway Zone.

Using this huge freight train will greatly reduce the freight time. More goods can be brought and taken in less time.

At the moment only freight trains are being run for the Corona situation. Therefore, there is a plan to increase the number of such long freight trains with more than one rack.

If the number of passenger trains then increases, the ‘last snake’ is expected to help enough to reduce congestion on the railways.


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