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Fix Invalid Value for Registry Error

Fix Invalid Value for Registry Error: It’s common to encounter this problem when you upgrade your system or update the application. A new update or upgrade will replace the incompatible registry entries and create new entries. In some cases the entries from before remain unchanged, causing conflict with the latest software.

In this article, we’ve provided solutions to this issue in Microsoft Photos. If you’re having the problem with another store application it is possible to use the same techniques to fix it.

How to fix an invalid value for Registry Error

Here are some possible fixes to fix the Invalid Value for Registry Errors in Windows Photos. Windows Photos app:

Store App Troubleshooting Store App Troubleshooter

The first thing to do when you run into any problems with your Microsoft Store apps, including Photos should be to launch the troubleshooter for the store app. It will identify and fix any minor errors that occur on the app.

Use the following steps to use this troubleshooter

  1. Start Run using Win+R.
  2. Type ms-settings:troubleshoot and press Enter to open Troubleshoot Settings.
  3. Select Other troubleshooting optionsor Other troubleshooting tools.
  4. Find Windows Store apps and click on Run Next right next to the icon. If you are using Windows 10, you need to choose Windows Store apps and then click Try this troubleshooter .
  5. Follow the instructions on screen size.

Update Photos App

You may also want to try updating the Photos application to fix this issue when you encounter it following the upgrade of your system. It replaces certain components of the application’s software using the latest version. If bugs within the application are responsible for the problem, updating will allow you to repair the defective components.

When making changes to your app advise clearing the cache of store apps. To do so,

  • Open Run, then enter the word wsreset..

After that, you can update your Microsoft Photos app using the steps listed below.

  1. Open Run, and then type Ms-windows Store: to start Microsoft Store. Microsoft Store.
  2. Open and search for Microsoft Photos inside the store.
  3. If you notice the Updatebutton Click it to update your app. If you don’t have the most current version, and you need to move to the next version.

Make repairs or resets to photos

Another alternative is to fix and reset your Photos application. Repair options look for any problems that may be affecting the program and then corrects the issues. When you reset the program to its default state, you erase its configuration, and then restore the default settings of the application.

Here are the essential steps to complete these processes:

  1. Click Win+S to start Windows Search.
  2. Type pictures.
  3. Click on Photosapp, right-click and select Settings. photosapp and then select Settings for the app.
  4. Scroll down to choose Repair. Scroll down and select.

If repair fails If it doesn’t work, follow the same procedure then click to resetthis time.

Reinstall Photos

If fixing or setting Photos isn’t working The next step you’ll need to do is restart the application completely. This is how you accomplish this:

  1. Open Run.
  2. Enter the word powershell and Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to launch PowerShell. Elevated Windows PowerShell.
  3. The command you enter is: Get-AppxPackage *photo* | Remove-AppxPackage
  4. After that then, launch Microsoft Store and then go there to Microsoft Photos.
  5. Hit the Getor Install button to install it.

Deleting the Registry Key

If these methods don’t work If the previous methods fail, try deleting the registry key, which is linked to Microsoft Photos. When you delete the keys, and restarting your computer, your system will recreate the key however, with the correct settings.

The first step is to backup the registry to avoid system problems because of unintentional changes. Follow the steps below for deleting this key:

  1. Open Run , and type regedit to launch Registry Editor. Registry Editor.
  2. Navigate to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppModel\Repository
  3. Visit the packagesor Familykey.
  4. Look for and right-click on the Microsoft.Windows.Photos_… key.
  5. Select Permissions and then click Advanced .
  6. Choose “Change”and after that, Advance.
  7. Find Now. “Find Now”and find your user account in the list.
  8. Click it and then “OK”.
  9. Click OK again.
  10. Verify for owner replacement on containers and objectsand Hit apply.
  11. Go to the Addand then Select the principal.
  12. Make sure you sign up for your account applying the same way as steps 7 and 9.
  13. Change the the Typeto Accept and Applyto This folder, its subfolders and files.
  14. Check Complete control and then click OK three times in order to preserve the three times to save the permission three times to save the permission.
  15. Right-click on the Microsoft.Windows.Photos… key and select Delete Yes.

Restart your PC and verify whether the issue continues.

Create a New Account

Because that the “Invalid number for error in registry” result from an incorrect configuration of the user’s registry, it doesn’t impact other users.

This is why you can avoid this problem by setting up a brand New account. This is a straightforward method of doing it:

  1. Open Run and then enter netplwiz.
  2. Click to Add .
  3. If it prompts you to sign up for an account with a Microsoft account (asks for an email address) You can input the email addressand then click the next. Then, you can choose to sign in without having a Microsoft accountand then the Local account.
  4. Here we are, and here Set up local accounts However, you are able to choose any alternative.
  5. Enter your credentials, then Click Nextand after that finish.
  6. If you’d like to switch your account to Administrator choose it, then hit Properties.
  7. Click here to access and click on the tab for Group
  8. Verify the Administratorand Click “OK”.
  9. Hit “OKagain.

Log out of your account, then sign in using a different account, and then change the settings that you initially set. Check if you receive the above error when you open Photos.

If your new account does not include the Photos application, you’ll need be able to download it from the Microsoft Store.

Make use of alternative apps

If you are unable to resolve the problem using the methods above Try using alternative software. There are many open-source software options accessible on the internet. We recommend examining the reviews of users prior to installing the software.


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