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Home Business Is self-storage space a better option for storage in Singapore?

Is self-storage space a better option for storage in Singapore?

Commercial Warehouse Spaces in Singapore

The world might have seemed to come to a standstill with Covid-induced lockdown, but many countries have worked harder and regained stability in their commercial sectors in spite of such difficulties. Standing up for more than a decade as one of the economically developed countries is Singapore. As Singapore is growing in business and commercial sectors, entrepreneurs need space for storage and shipment of their goods.

A small business that deals with goods procurement, can benefit from self-storage units. Those units can go a long way to help you. The storage units allow storing all the goods while you work at the same time and place. Some of the conducive warehouse spaces are suitable for start-ups, e-commerce, or businesses that need storage and carrying out of order fulfillment duties simultaneously. Entrepreneurs in Singapore have appreciated the role of warehouse rental in singapore in the growth of their businesses with huge profits!

The Need for Storage Units

Space is hard to come by, and one needs to use it to the most in homes and offices. You might land up into the problem when too many bulky items occupy much space in office. Self-storage units can be a rescuer in such times. To get storage space for rent in singapore has several self-storage units that can help. 

The self-storage spaces are beneficial for personal or business use. You can store bulky items and less-used stuff like bicycles, seasonal clothes, equipment etc. and de-clutter your working area. Even for execution of business and commercial activities, one needs a spacious area to continue the transportation of goods without causing hindrance in the other job duties. Home and business users often avail the advantages of self-storage units which provide extra storeroom to make space in the workable areas. This gives you extra space to free up the office rooms for more meaningful usage. Self-storage spaces are perfect for storing less-used office furniture and events equipment. They are not kept safe and are easily accessible round-the-clock at your own pace and preference. The CCTV surveillance allows for the safety of goods in the storage units.

The storage units are available in three sizes, based on the storage space area.

  • The small spaces, spread over up to 200 square feet, are good for home owners who can store their items during the renovation of their homes or if they are shifting to other home, or aspiring home-based entrepreneurs for storage of goods.
  • Medium-sized self-storage units, which spread up to 300 square feet, work best for e-retailers who wish to move their inventory out of their home.
  • The large-sized storage spaces, which are between 300 to 400 square feet in area,  make room for work and storage space. The units have proper lighting, electricity supply, and air conditioning. Also, give you an ideal warehouse space with a mezzanine level as per your need.

Advantages of a Good Warehouse

What should you look for in a good storage warehouse? Here is the checklist of the benefits you should be receiving before you plan to rent a self-storage unit.

  • Safety of goods – A safe warehouse provides necessary facilities for the safety and preservation of goods when they are not required for sale. It must ensure their safety, prevent wastage and minimize losses from breakage, deterioration in quality, etc. Several warehouses in Singapore have the latest technologies that help to prevent damage and losses as far as possible. 24/7 CCTV surveillance ensures the security of the storage units.
  • Convenient location – A warehouse must have facilities that can facilitate easy flow and transportation of goods. You should ensure that the warehouse is centrally located, has great connectivity via rail and roads, and ample space for parking around the storage unit. The goods can be directly loaded from the warehouse.
  • Low rental charges- This is one such benefit that holds great importance for start-ups. If self-storage units charge high rent, then it will not be profitable for the start-ups to avail themselves. Thus, a warehouse that is affordable is suitable for small businesses. Many budget-friendly warehouses are available for start-ups in Singapore.
  • Power supply- Most of the reliable warehouses are well-equipped and have an uninterrupted power supply. This can allow proper storage of goods without fear of them getting spoilt.  Both air-conditioned and non-airconditioned units are available. You can rent the storage unit as per your requirement.

With all the modernized equipment, spacious rooms, and high-end facilities, the warehouses in Singapore can be rightly called as strong support for your business. From giant business groups to start-ups, all can enjoy the advantages of the rented warehouses at commercially viable locations at much pocket-friendly rates. You need to ensure that the warehouse has all the facilities and is within your budget.


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