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Is taking a drop for NDA or IIT better than joining the Indian Navy SSR or AA?

The most ambitious and courageous have got the guts to choose between NDA or IIT. Both of these need a high level of intellect and commitment. People who are motivated by a strong sense of purpose are more likely to succeed in life. If you have a clear thought about which to choose between the two, just go for it. However, if you’ve any doubt , or you are still undecided, then this article is the one for you. Read the full article to clear your thoughts NDA entrance exam vs IIT.

Which is the better option? NDA vs. IIT – A Comparison and Decision Table

Both the NDA and IIT entrance tests are regarded to be among the most difficult in India. According to statistics, about 15 lakh students appear for the IIT-JEE test each year, with only 9,000 (approximately) chosen, while only 29% of individuals who apply for NDA are selected.

Don’t be deceived by the numbers; they may lead you to believe that the NDA written test is more difficult than the IIT written exam, while the fact is the opposite. The majority of students who took both tests said that the NDA written exam is far simpler to pass than the IIT written exam.

Both the exams are difficult and easy as well from different perceptions. Many candidates find the NDA exam easier than IIT and many find it difficult. So if you are hoping to take a drop for the IIT preparation ,or you are still confused between IIT and NDA. Then given below is a table which will help you clear your thoughts and after that you will have a decision.

The NDA curriculum is unquestionably extensive since it covers all of the topics under the NDA syllabus that one must have studied during his education, including Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Social Science, and, of course, current events questions.Despite the fact that IIT’s subject list is straightforward, the questions on the entrance test are so challenging that many drop out for one to four years merely to train and pass the exam.
NDA’s SSB interview is the true deal-breaker. This interview will span five days, and the worst thing is that there will be no set routine. It is also the primary cause of the poor selection rate.To enrol into an IIT, you must pass two written exams: JEE mains and JEE advance. If you pass the JEE mains test, you will get admitted to an NIT institution; however, only if you pass both exams will you be admitted to an IIT.
For NDA cadets, it’s all about discipline and awareness. The timetable is exceedingly stringent and tight throughout the three years of training; the routine consists only of physical activity and studies.An IITian has to face the difficulty level of the subjects from its first year of Graduation. The topics are hard to understand and the competition is intense.
Studies will not be simple; in fact, they will be more challenging. During the last year of training, a candidate is put under a great deal of physical and mental strain. Every batch had at least 2 to 4 dropouts who departed the programme because it was too much for them to take, and they found life at NDA difficult.Assignments, notes, and tests are all part of the learning process.


From our perspective both professions are hard and choosing between them is not easy at all. It totally depends on the candidate what he or she wants to choose. We hope you like the article. If you want more information regarding the Air Force, Navy or NDA exams stay connected with us.


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