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Learn how to record calls on WhatsApp

Without WhatsApp, the life of the current generation is worthless.

WhatsApp is constantly updated with new features to maintain its popularity.

You can make not only text messages but also audio and video calls through WhatsApp.

There are times when you call someone on WhatsApp and that person tells you to do something urgent that you want to write down but at that moment you don’t have a pen and paper.

Record call after such time is needed many people do not know that it is possible to record calls on WhatsApp.

Let’s find out how to record calls on WhatsApp calls that can be recorded on both Android and iPhone, requiring certain devices.

Significantly, it is unethical and illegal to record calls without the permission of a second party.

How do WhatApp Call Recording on Android mobile?

If you are an Android phone user, first download Cube Call Recorder.

Open the app and go to WhatsApp, now call the person you want to talk to.

This time if you see the cube call icon on the screen of the phone it means your call is being recorded.

If your phone shows an error then open the Cube Call Recorder app once again.

After that go to the settings of the app and go to the voice call option and click on Force VoIP.

After doing this whole process, call WhatsApp again.

If you do not see the Cube Call Recorder icon again, it means that your phone does not support this app.

Then update WhatsApp and try again.

Learn how to record calls on WhatsApp

Another way for Android phone users can record calls –

Android phone users have another option. You can root your device but we do not advise you to take this step.

This is detrimental to the security of your phone even after knowing this can do it if you want.

Use the SCR Screen Recorder app available on XDA after rooting the phone.

How do WhatsApp call recording with iPhone Mac?

If you are an iPhone user and want to record WhatsApp calls, you need to connect the iPhone to Mac with a Lightning cable.

After that, you will see a message on your iPhone Trust this computer click on it.

If you are connecting iPhone with Mac for the first time then you can open QuickTime and go to the File section and you will see the option of New Audio Recording.

Here you will see an arrow mark next to the record button which is pointing towards the bottom find your iPhone by clicking on it.

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When this whole process is over you can open the QuickTime player.

To record the WhatsApp calls by clicking the record button.

As soon as you connect, add the user icon now call the person you want to talk to.

The recording will start as soon as the call is received. The call is over stop recording, and save the file to Mac.

The easiest way to record a call is to put the phone on the speaker when you make a WhatsApp call.

If you want to record the conversation by turning on another phone voice recorder.


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