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Maintaining The Tyre Air Pressure In Your Car Tyres: Why Should You Take Care Of It?

Air has an important role to play in your tyres. If you check your user manual, you will find recommendations about tyre air pressure levels in this guidebook.

Indeed, air pressure is essential for the performance and health of your Tyres Sutton Coldfield. Thus, you need to check the tyre air pressure regularly (at least once a month). Moreover, you have to do so before a long journey.

Experts say that if you avoid recommendations of the user manual about air pressure, you may see the results in the form of reduced braking distance, decreased grip and performance.

Usually, specified tyre air pressure for front and rear tyres is different. Moreover, recommended air tyre pressure is different according to the shape and size of the vehicle as well.

Your Tyres Can Be Over-inflated Or Under-inflated

According to your user manual, you need to keep the air pressure at the specified level. If the air pressure is below the specified level, your tyres are under-inflated. On the other hand, excessive air in your tyres will make your tyres over-inflated.

If your tyres are under-inflated, low air pressure will increase the contact area between the road surface and tyres. As a result, friction and heat will take place to damage the tyres. Moreover, low air tyre pressure in your tyres is a risky matter when you have to run your tyres on snow, ice, water, or mud. Under-inflated tyres wear out more on both sides.

Over-inflated tyres show uneven treadwear in the middle part. Moreover, they will bounce on the road like a footwall, making your drive more difficult for you. Just like under-inflated tyres, over-inflated tyres will be problematic in unfavourable road conditions as well.

Tyre Air Pressure In Different Seasons

You have to be cautious about the seasonal changes in air pressure. Actually, the air has a natural tendency of expanding in hot weather and it contracts in cold conditions. It happens due to the molecules of air that dance quickly due to heat and they show a slow movement due to reduced temperature.

Thus, keep an eye on the tyre air pressure when you are facing severe weather conditions. Low inflation and over-inflation in tyres will be more troublesome for car drivers.

Reasons For Low Air Pressure In Tyres

According to experts, low tyre air pressure takes place in tyres due to the following reasons:

Punctures: Punctures occur when a sharp object like an iron nail makes a small hole in the body of tyres. This tiny hole allows the air to go out of the tyres to make them under-inflated. You have to repair your tyres as soon as possible to solve this problem. Moreover, do not drive on punctured tyres to avoid further damage.

Blowouts: Blowouts are more violent than punctures. A blowout can suddenly occur in the middle of the road due to several factors like improper inflation, heat, friction, impact damage, and ageing. You cannot repair tyres that have experienced a blowout. You have to change it to solve the problem.

Damage in valve: A damaged tyre valve is also a reason for the leakage of air. Thus, check your valve for corrosion, rusting or damage regularly to avoid under-inflation.

Checking The Air Pressure In Tyres

Maintaining and checking the air pressure in tyres is not a difficult task. You can do it at your home as well without the need for professional help.

To check the air pressure in your tyres, you need a high-grade tyre pressure gauge, air compressor, and pen with paper.

You may get a digital or standard tyre pressure gauge from an auto parts store.

As an initial move, let your tyres be cold before you check the air pressure. Actually, heated tyres will provide an incorrect reading.

Moreover, before you check the tyre air pressure, you have to be familiar with the recommendations given in the user manual.

Furthermore, write down the correct PSI for each tyre on paper.

You have to remove the valve cap before checking the tyre pressure. After removing the valve cap, you have placed the pressure gauge on the valve stem. Press down hard to get the reading.

You need to get the reading for all four tyres since the PSI level is different for tyres.

Finally, if you find that your tyres are under-inflated, fill them with more air. On the other case, remove some air if your tyres are filled with excessive air.


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