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Maximize Your Time for a Productive Workday

At the end of each day, many people look back and wonder where he went all the time. Many have found that by tracking their time each day, they not only answer that question, but they can make better decisions about how they spend their time to be more efficient and productive.

Why keep track of time?

In our survey of entrepreneurs and professionals who track their time, we found that 46% of respondents indicate that they track their time because it helps them be more productive, while 42% said that it helps them provide better billing while improving their own revenue. For those tracking time to improve productivity, 42% aimed to identify how their time is being used, while 31% indicated they wanted to know where time was being wasted.

This survey reflects what we know about our own customers – time tracing is worth it. By accurately tracking time each day, business owners and professionals can not only bill for more time and increase their revenue, but they can simply work more efficiently by making better use of their time.

Recharge your batteries

Without a doubt, all entrepreneurs end up wishing they could add a few extra hours at the end of the working day. When we have finished getting five or six hours of sleep, we have often forgotten to put ourselves and our health on the to-do list.

Of course, this doesn’t work for long. All aspects of our life start to fall apart if we don’t recharge several times a day Workday Course. Unlike the traditional nine-to-five, as entrepreneurs we are not reminded to take lunch breaks, talk to colleagues, or even relax during our trip. There are often long periods of days where we literally work from sunrise to sunset.

This is something that we must change now, today. Here are some time management tips to help you recharge your batteries, live longer, and be more successful in your business and life.

1. Replace your overnight commute yesterday with a 15 minute walk today. Your deadlines will not be affected and you may be even more productive.

2. When planning your next work day, plan a 20 minute phone call with a friend. Although non-billable “unproductive” hours may seem dishonest to a hard-working entrepreneur, downtime is vital for recharging during the day.

A typical work day for you would generally start around 7 a.m. or 8 a.m., with rounds at the hospital. You would check in on your patients that you previously worked on, checking to see if they are making progress towards healing. Depending on how many people you have to see, this could take anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes. In addition to the number of people you need to monitor during your rounds, the length of time could also depend on whether or not patients ask questions. Some of them may also be curious about your progress. Therefore, it may take you a few more minutes to clarify and disseminate information to your patients.

After doing your rounds, you would have to prepare for surgery. Contrary to what some may believe, these preparations are not just physical.Surgery of any kind has its risks. Therefore, you must be able to mentally handle the pressure.

Once you are done with your surgeries, it will be time to meet with some of your new and prospective patients for consultations. This could also be a difficult task. That is not because the task itself is difficult to perform. However, you would be trying to complete the consultations after having gone through a full day of surgeries. So, chances are, you are tired and your brain is even in shutdown mode, but you will have to work to overcome it.

Distractions are your worst enemy and they are everywhere. The first thing to do to prioritize your workday and feel a sense of accomplishment and minimize your stress is to eliminate as many distractions from your workday as possible.

Minimize your distractions by:

Silence your cell phone when you work
Disable any email notification popup messages or sounds
Close your email completely and check it only once an hour
If you work in open-plan offices, wear earplugs or listen to your iPod to drown out the noise from the office
Have a clean workspace that allows you to focus on one task at a time
If family and friends frequently call you at work to talk, ask them to call you only during lunchtime.
Just check social media sites on your assigned breaks

4 Divide your time

Divide your workday into small chunks of work. For example, cut out all your distractions and set a timer to run solidly for 25 minutes and then allow yourself a 5-minute break. Repeat this pattern especially for tasks that are due today. At the end of two snippets, you can check your email and listen to phone messages. Allow 10-15 minutes to respond to any urgent requests and repeat the fragmentation process.

I have implemented these strategies in my business and personal life and I have never missed anything urgent and nothing tragic has resulted from it. In fact, the opposite has happened. My productivity and sense of accomplishment have increased, prompting me to do more because I feel a sense of motivation. The same thing can happen to you!


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