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National University of Educational Planning and Administration

National University of Educational Planning and Administration: It is a private, nonprofit university located in the heart of Manila, Philippines. Established in 1976, NUEPA is one of the newest universities in the country. The university offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees in educational planning and administration. NUEPA’s campus is located in suburban Quezon City.

What is NUEPA and what does it do?

National University of Education Planning and Administration (NUEPA), an autonomous body under the Ministry of Higher Education, is responsible for formulating and implementing national policies in education. The organisation is also responsible for the overall administration of universities in Nigeria. NUEPA was created in 1998 through the enactment of the National University Act, 1998 (Act No. 8 of 1998). The organisation has a total membership comprising both public and private universities.

How NUEPA has evolved over time.

National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA) is a national university in the Philippines that offers undergraduate and graduate level courses in educational planning and administration. The university was founded in 1987 through the efforts of education planners, administrators, researchers, and educators. NUEPA has since evolved into one of the leading universities in the country with a strong emphasis on research and innovation. 

Over the years, NUEPA has undergone several transformations to meet the needs of its students and staff. In 2002, NUEPA launched its online learning program which offered various degree programs through distance learning. In 2013, NUEPA became one of the first universities in the country to offer a electronic degree program through Coursera.

What is the mission of NUEPA?

National University of Education Planning and Administration (NUEPA), a national university, provides education planning and administration services to the educational sector. The university offers undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and post-graduate programs in education planning and administration. 

NUEPA underwent several name changes before becoming NUEPA in 1984. The current president is Dr. Emilia A. Reyes-Asuncion who was appointed in 2009. 

NUEPA is located at the heart of Quezon City which is one of the most populous cities in the Philippines with over 10 million people.

What are the core values of NUEPA?

The National University of Excellence in Planes Administration (NUEPA) was founded on the core values of excellence, innovation, and integrity. The main goal of NUEPA is to provide educational opportunities for students who want to become planners and administrators in the public sector. The school offers a variety of programs that focus on planning theory, policy analysis, and administration. In addition to undergraduate and graduate degrees, NUEPA also offers Continuing Education Courses for professionals.

National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA) is a private, non-profit educational institution that offers programs that focus on planning theory, policy analysis, and administration. The school was founded in 1978 and is based in Washington D.C. NUEPA offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in educational planning and administration. The school’s faculty consists of experienced professionals who have worked in government, education, business, and nonprofit organizations. NUEPA’s mission is to provide students with the skills needed to develop sound educational policies and administer effective schools. The school’s unique approach to education provides students with the opportunity to learn from top professionals in the field while also earning a degree from a nationally accredited institution.

What is the Strategic Plan of NUEPA?

NUEPA, a national university, has developed a strategic plan to guide its educational and administrative functions over the next five years. The plan is designs to help NUEPA achieve its mission of providing quality education and training for students from all parts of the country.

The objectives of the strategic plan are to:

1. Strengthen NUEPA’s role as a national university by increasing enrollment and expanding programs.

2. Improve efficiencies in administration and improve coordination among departments.

3. Increase research Funding to support undergraduate and graduate programs. 

4. Develop partnerships with private sector organizations to promote economic development in the region.

5 . Foster a learning environment that supports creativity, innovation, and diversity among students

6 . Maintain compliance with accreditation requirements

7 . Coordinate efforts with other government agencies.

What R&D is being conducted by NUEPA?

NUEPA is a national university planning administration organization formed in 1992. The organization specializes in educational planning, administering research and development, and providing consultation services to higher education institutions nationwide. NUEPA has an annual operating budget of $1 million and employs a staff of eight full-time employees. The organization’s focus is on helping universities “plan for the future, succeed in the present, and grow into the future” (NUEPA). 

One of NUEPA’s primary goals is to provide educational planning consultation services to universities nationwide. In order to achieve this goal, NUEPA utilizes a variety of methods including individual consultations, group consultations, webinars and presentations, workshops, surveys and audits. Additionally, NUEPA offers a variety of resources including comprehensive planning guides, research reports and databases.


In conclusion, NUEPA is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about educational planning and administration. They have a wide variety of resources and support staff who are passionate about their work. If you are interest in learning more about this field, NUEPA is the perfect place to start.


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