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Never eat these foods during feel hunger

When feeling hunger eats foods that source of energy in the body. This all metabolic functions of the organism, such as respiration, excretion, nutrition, etc.

The body physiological functions, such as growth, movement, reproduction, etc., are regulated. So every living thing has to take food to sustain life.

In that case, you should not skip breakfast or lunch. Even if you miss a meal, you should stay away from certain foods. That will harm your body.

Never eat these foods during feel hunger

Don’t eat these foods eat during fell hunger?

1. Chips –

Eating chips is bad for you. However, when you swallow it on an empty stomach, it adversely affects your digestive system. Fried food or baked food should not be eaten on an empty stomach during hunger.

A packet of chips usually contains more than one ounce of chips, so many people consume more sodium than they need when eating chips.

2. Coffee or tea –

People often start drinking coffee or tea on an empty stomach. Many of us feel that it will bring freshness to the body.

However, it causes many problems in your body. When food is skipped, hydrochloric acid is produced in the body due to eating. It damages your digestive system.

3. Chewing gum –

If you have a habit of eating chewing gum on an empty stomach, change it immediately. You are unknowingly calling danger. It produces digestive acid and playing it on an empty stomach greatly increases the chances of gastritis.

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4. Protein Shake –

Eating a protein shake does your job of getting protein throughout the day. However, playing it on an empty stomach can cause problems like cramps and diarrhea in your body. In this case, do not eat a protein shake on an empty stomach.

5. Energy Bar –

People will often see the energy bar before the gym. However, eating on an empty stomach will give you energy.

However, going inside the body can show the opposite effect. This can cause problems like gas. In addition, the body has to read a lot of difficulties to digest on an empty stomach.

6. Avocado –

Avocado is a fruit that lowers your cholesterol levels using it protects your eyes, improves fertility, as well as taking care of blood and digestive sugar levels.

However, when you eat it on an empty stomach, it becomes a serious problem for your stomach.

After avoiding food, the fat found in it is digested very slowly. Also, taking avocado on an empty stomach can damage many of our internal organs. In situations when you are very hungry, do not eat it at all.

7. Red Meat –

Red meat is considered to be the best source of protein. But there is also the fact that it takes enough time to digest. In such a situation, the body has to work harder to digest it by eating on an empty stomach.

8. Fruit –

Do not eat vitamin C fruits or fruit juices on an empty stomach. The resulting citric acid produces gas in the stomach.

You eat these foods after eating some protein, nutritious foods otherwise you face a health issue.


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