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Newspaper Delivery Work as Jobs That Hire Felons

Jobs that hire felons can typically find in local contract work. For example, many convicted felons are finding jobs for felons with newspaper delivery work

While this type of work is usually at night and is freelance contract work, it is an ideal employment opportunity for felons who need to make some money relatively quickly – and easily. If you want to do newspaper delivery work! You can find these types of jobs listed on Craigslist and in your local newspaper. Keep in mind that you usually will have to have your car and show proof of insurance. But, in most cases, these jobs pay weekly and will provide some immediate income while you look for other jobs for people with felonies.

Companies That Hire Felons

UPS hires felons for some jobs. These jobs consider as entry-level. However, there are many opportunities within the company to work up. You can find UPS job listings for these types of positions on their website and in your local newspaper.

Local courier service companies usually hire felons as well. There is a lot of driving involved in this type of work. So drivers must have a valid driver’s license and show good driving records when applying.

You may also find telemarketing jobs that hire felons if you search online and look at various telemarketing companies’ websites. These telemarketers typically hire people working from home or out of an office with their phone line and computer equipment used only for work.

These are just some of the local jobs that hire felons. If you search online, you will find many more job opportunities for people with a criminal background – and all types of environments.

jobs for felons

Do not give up on finding a job, because you have a record. It is possible to find your dream career or your next part-time job – even if you have a felony conviction! You can also check out companies that hire felons near me, where we list thousands of companies that offer jobs for felons.

Advertising jobs for Felons

Most websites advertising jobs for felons are scams. They do not provide a traditional job. But instead prey upon those looking for legitimate employment opportunities by charging a fee for the list on their site. Companies that hire felons legitimately offer a service or good that someone with a criminal history might seek out. If you released from jail or prison and need some income until you can find more substantial work? if your past crimes make it difficult to find employment? there is no shame in considering this type of employment option as long as it is legally ethical.

While laws vary by state, it is legal for felons to work at companies that service the prison system in most places. However, this type of employment might be different from what you are used to or qualified for.

For example, you might be working with incarcerated individuals in a work-release program or helping their families and friends pick up items from the prison commissary.

Some companies hire felons to sell things like home security systems and furnaces door-to-door. Unfortunately, these sales jobs often require you to have your transportation. Make appointments with homeowners to do presentations in their homes during certain hours of the day. Again its make it difficult for felons who don’t have cars or drivers’ licenses.

On the bright side, these companies may also come through with permanent employment opportunities. For those individuals who do well in sales either on the phone or via presentations in people’s homes. If not, however, this type of work is usually temporary, and you will likely have to seek out another job after it’s over.

The best way to find out if a company hires felons is to call and ask them directly whether they hire convicts. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, use Google’s advanced search function to include your city in your keyword search terms when looking for companies to have located near you that offer jobs for felons. You can also start with these reputable job sites that mention jobs for felons.

Things to Avoid

You should avoid any website advertising “hiring now” if they charge a fee to have your resume posted. If that company does not have to pay to list their openings! it is likely a scam designed to find victims to take advantage of.

It might also be advisable to steer clear of companies only hiring felons, who are in for murder or sexual assault charges unless you are confident in your ability to handle this type of workplace environment. There are some less desirable postings listed below, but follow the links for further information about each position before applying.


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