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One-click will sync Apple Photos to Google photos

For a long time, Apple’s restrictions have meant manually placing photos on the iPhone in Google Photos.

This time the problem is going to be solved by updating Google Photos.

So that from this time Apple iPhone and iPad users will get the option to sync photos. The same goes for Google Photos.

Many people use Apple iPhone or iPad who are fans of Google Photos or cloud?

But for so long the company had no option to sync between the two apps for some rules.

But that restriction is being lifted on demand, and this sync will be available in the next update of Google Photos.

Apple Photos app
Image credit – Apple

If you want, you can sync your favorite photos from Apple storage to Google Photos.

Google has informed that Apple Photos and Google Photos will be synced automatically.

Whenever you go to one of these photos and click on the Favorites option.

Star Photos or Favorite Photos on Google will automatically become a favorite on Apple as well.

Apple’s Heart Photos will automatically become a favorite photo in Google Photos.

To turn on or off this automatic sync option you need to go to Google Photos on iPhone or iPad click on the account profile photo at the top right.

Click on the photo settings there go to the window that appears and click on Apple photos. Then click on the Sync favorite option.

According to the company, in this case, a prompt may appear in Google photos, so that there will be a direct sync option.

In the same way, if someone goes to Apple and dislikes a photo, it will not be synced automatically.

According to Android Police, anyone who clicks on a photo in Google Photos will be synced to the Apple Photos app.

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However, it may take some time for the Apple Photos app to sync to Google Photos.

Google Photos, the second most popular Android app has entered the 5 million download categories this year.

However, in this case, it is worth mentioning that some Android phones have Google Photos pre-installed.

If they had been install on those phones to the company thinks the number would have increased even more.

Last month, Google announced that Google Photos Unlimited cloud storage was about to be discontinued.

Users will need to subscribe to Google One instead.


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