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Overview of O-Shot

Overview of O-Shot: For many women suffering from issues with sexual sexuality as well as women who do not sexual dysfunction, there is a solution. However, is there a real solution that can do the same for you… with your own blood for medicine?

In the last few years an medical procedure which claims to be able to do exactly that has gained in its popularity.

It is known under the name of orgasm shots also known as O-Shot, this treatment is a procedure of injecting the clitoris as well as the labia and the G-spot with platelets, the blood component that is a source of healing proteins, also known as growth factors. These are taken from your blood.

There’s only a small amount of research done on the O-Shot and there is there’s no scientifically-proven evidence to suggest that it could help you in your sexual life.

What is the O-Shot?

For more information about this image, Healthline interviewed Dr. Carolyn DeLucia of VSPOT Women’s Intimate Health Spa located in New York City.

The clinic she works with offers the O-Shot along with other treatments that claim to improve women’s sexual health and experiences.

According to DeLucia O-Shot is a kind treatment that uses blood-clotting (PRP) procedure for vaginal issues.

“Platelet rich plasma is the portion of our blood that contains all the growth factors that help us heal ourselves,” DeLucia says. “When we were young kids and we scrape our knees, yellow fluid was released and a scab grew after which the scab on penis fell off and there was beautiful, new pink skin growing into. The yellow fluid is platelet-rich plasma.”

“We are able to isolate and concentrate and use that portion of blood wherever we need it to aid in healing,” she says. “PRP is used in the O-Shot to create new blood vessels and new nerves.”

About PRP

The PRP treatment have been employed to treat injuries of athletes.

PRP is used extensively for treating sports injuries as well as to aid in the recovery process from surgery, and to treat medical issues like hair loss..

It involves the process of drawing an individual’s blood. It also involves isolating the platelet-rich plasma out of the blood, then reinjecting the platelet-rich plasma back into an area of the body that requires healing.

While researchers don’t completely understand how this operates, it is believed that platelets could possess some sort of healing or restorative qualities when they are they are injected into the injured area of the body. They release about 35 different healing substances Source or growth factors.

A lot of doctors utilize PRP to treat injuries to muscles as well as broken bones. They say it significantly speeds up the healing process.

What’s it to do and how does it function?

Sexual function

DeLucia as well as other O-Shot providers typically advertise “mind-blowing orgasms” as the primary advantage from their treatments.

“The O-Shot was created by Dr. Charles Runels in Fairhope, Alabama,” DeLucia wrote to Healthline in an email. “[Hisresearch studies] from the beginning showed that there was an important enhancement in the index of female sexual functions. The questionnaire is given to patients. They can respond prior to and following the procedure. In addition to the clinical trial, there are numerous reports from anecdotal sources of the procedure as being extremely efficient.”

Runels, DeLucia, and other medical professionals that provide the O-Shot state that it will improve vaginal feeling sexual transmitted disease, vaginal sensation, and lots more.

A few of the benefits claimed to be included are:

  • an increase in sexual desire to be sexual
  • an increase in stimulation
  • Increased the rate of lubrication
  • A heightened gasp during the sex or masturbation

Incontinence and various other ailments

A few experts claim that it might alsobe:

  • It is easy to ease the incontinence in your urinary tract
  • treat lichen sclerosus
  • treat lichen planus
  • relieve chronic pain resulting that result from the birth of a child as well as mesh and mesh chronic pain from mesh, as well as

Women have reported that the treatment has helped improve their experience with orgasms and can even help treat incontinence. But there’s no solid scientific evidence to support the claim that the O-Shot performs as it is claimed or in a consistent manner.

The only information available on O-Shot’s results is the results of a small pilot study from 2014 published in a journal that’s not peer-reviewed. This study was conducted by Runels with only 11 women. The results showed an estimated 71 percent who went to “distressed” to “not distressed.”

Runels asserts that PRP increases the growth of stem cells, collagen production and blood vessels, which can result in better sexual sex and orgasms in the women he researched.

There are a handful of studies that explore the possibility that vaginal PRP can help in reducing the inflammation that is caused by transvaginal mesh. There is no clarity on outcomes.

The studies examined the biopsied tissue as well as rabbits. There are also a handful of low-quality studies, such as one which Runels assisted in executing, on vaginal PRP for treatment of the sclerosus of lichen, with uncertain outcomes.

Also, there’s no evidence-based study on the use of PRP for treating sexual dysfunction, or incontinence among women.

Therefore, there’s no precise understanding of the how effective this type of treatment, and neither has it been deemed to be safe through FDA. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

More research is required

At present, PRP has been evaluated for wounds that are chronic and non-healing as well as for injuries from sports and the evidence from Trusted Source of its positive effects has not been amazing.

The author of the investigation, Runels claims 7 of the women in the study experienced some form improvement in their sexual lives following treatment. However, due to the limited and unreliable nature of the research, the results are ambiguous at best.


New York Times medical columnist Dr. Jen Gunther has criticized the O-Shot as an option that “sounds good on paper. Nature’s healing! However, there’s not much evidence to suggest that it does anything.”

What are the steps to make sure you are ready?

If you do decide to go ahead, you can arrange an O-Shot appointment with any doctor who provides it.

The physician you speak to in order to provide you with an O-Shot will begin with general questions regarding your health Therefore, you should have information regarding your sexual health and general health information available.

What can you expect from an O-Shot

If you’re healthy Your O-Shot provider will in these order

  • Request that you take off your underwear and pants.
  • Apply numbing cream to the labia, clit, or G-spot.
  • Make sure you draw your blood before spinning it through a centrifuge in order to split it into blood plasma (liquid) from platelets (the tissue which will be injecting into the vagina).
  • Inject local anesthetics to your G-spot, labia or clit.
  • Place your platelets in the clit, or G-spot.

Then, you’re finished and can dress and go home. All in all, the process is expected to take approximately 30 minutes.

“The O-Shot is not painful at all,” says Cindy Barshop, founder of VSPOT. “Botox hurts ten times more. The worst part is the thought of the needle being ‘down there. Our patients are at VSPOT have to gauge their level of discomfort between 0-10, the discomfort never exceeds two, with 10, being the most severe discomfort.”

Possible adverse effects and complications

According to Runels his study, the following side effects afflicted two women who took part in the study:

  • Continuous sexual stimulation
  • Orgasms that ejaculate
  • Sexual arousal triggered by the urinate
  • spontane orgasm

The adverse effects of PRP aren’t examined in the case of injections that are administered within the vaginal region. However, studies of PRP injections elsewhere in the body suggest that these adverse effects could be a possibility:

  • allergic reaction
  • The injection site is often bruised.
  • Dermatitis
  • Infection
  • There is numbness around the injection site
  • discomfort and soreness at injection location.
  • There is a redness around the injection site
  • scar tissue
  • The injection site is swelling
  • Vaginal sensitivity can include vaginal sensitivity, including “buzzing” sensation

DeLucia claims that “there have been no long-term complications reported worldwide with the use of PRP in the O-Shot.”

What should you anticipate during the recovery process

According to DeLucia “recovery after the operation is quick. There is a possibility of experiencing a tiny degree of local sensitivity for up to a couple of days. All that is. It is possible to have sexual relations that same day.”

Discuss expectations for recovery with your doctor before and after the procedure.

When will you be able to see these results?

“I prefer to explain the results as three distinct time periods. In the first three to seven days you’ll feel a heightened sensations in the area being treated due to the actual injection” says DeLucia.

“At approximately 3 weeks new tissue will begin to develop and will continue for the next 9 weeks, which then at 3 months will reach its peak development,” she adds. “These results will last out to at least a year.”

There is no study conducted by scientists on the time when results begin and how long results from the O-Shot are lasting and the evidence is purely anecdotal from personal the experience.

What does that cost?

It’s important to note that the O-Shot isn’t FDA-approved, nor is it insured by health insurance, therefore it’s a cost that must be paid out from your the pocket.

Costs vary based on the location you purchase the service. Certain well-known O-Shot service providers charge prices that range between $1,200 and $2,500.

Who manages The O-shot?

On the website of the O-Shot Runels mentions that he registered the terms “Orgasm Shot” and “O-Shot” for the treatment of PRP in vaginal areas. Runels asks doctors to join his list to administer the O-Shot, and also to become members of his medical research organization called”Cellular Medical Association. ” Cellular Medicine Association.”

Similar PRP treatments, such as “O-Shot” probably provide you with the same procedure however, they do not have Runels the seal of approval.

How do I locate a service

The most reliable source is your personal doctor to start with especially one who is a Gynecologist or an urologist. They can aid you in knowing and improving your overall sexual and reproductive health as well as be able to assist you in trying to locate a trusted doctor.

It’s simple enough to find an O-Shot provider on the internet. Runels provides the directory of “certified” providers on the O-Shot website.

What do you need to do if you’re interested in The O-Shot?

If you choose to attempt the procedure, be sure you follow the aftercare instructions.

Also, keep in contact with your service provider and notify them right away if you start to notice any adverse reactions.

Get medical attention immediately if you experience:

  • The fever
  • severe redness
  • massive swelling
  • pus
  • bleeding

These are symptoms of the presence of an infection or a reaction.


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