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How to get a BIS & other certificates for packaged drinking water plant in India?

To establish a packaged drinking water plant in India, you will require a certain number of certifications. Some of them are mandatory to start a packaged water plant. One of such requirements is a BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certificate. If you want to run a fully-fledged packaged water plant then you would need to attain BIS certification. As per FSSAI or The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, the packaged bottled water manufacturers must get a BIS certification. This certification is necessary to get the license. Also, to get the registration from the regulator; a BIS certificate needs as well.  

Mandatory to obtain the BIS Certificate 

All the Food Business Operators will require to compulsorily upload a copy of the BIS certificate. They may also upload a copy of the letter showcasing the recording of the application for the BIS certificate to start the process of starting a packaged drinking water plant in India. The process of applying for a BIS certificate is quite streamlining and easy. Most of the process is online. FSSAI has developed a special system to help the manufacturers easily apply for the BIS certificate. Just like the BIS certificate, many other important certificates and licenses are needed to start the food business. 

Significance of BIS Certificate 

A BIS certificate is the indication that the packaged drinking water plant in India is a registered manufacturer and supplier. The Food Safety and Standards do not permit any manufacture to sell or exhibit for sale bottled water if they do not have the BIS certificate. Only companies with the certification mark, approved by FSSAI can manufacture and supply drinking water. There are plenty of reasons that make the need for a BIS certificate very eminent. The manufacturer passes through various reviews and checks before the certificate is provided. 

Having a BIS certificate adds to the credibility of the packaged drinking water plant in India. It showcases that the manufacturer is certified to supply water. The trust factor is very important in the success of any business. If a company acquires all the necessary certificates as well as licenses; then they will be considered more reliable. Having all the certificates, including the BIS certificate makes it possible for the packaged water suppliers to run their business smoothly.

Process of getting a BIS certificate by a packaged drinking water plant in India

The certificate offers a third-party guarantee of the safety as well as the quality of the bottled water. It makes the bottled water company more reliable. Considering the eminence of safe drinking water, BIS has been made compulsory for mineral water and package water manufacturers. Although some of the other manufacturers may also need a BIS certificate; it’s not mandatory for them. 

BIS Certificate is offered by the Bureau of Indian Standards. It is a National Standards Body that promotes and nurtures the standards movement. The company has been in the existence for a long time. It not only provides BIS certification, but it also takes care of the standards formulation, testing, hallmarking, etc. 

BIS Certification

BIS Certification enables the use of the popular ISI mark on the product. The mark depicts the good quality of the packaged water. It shows that the manufacturing company has passed all the checks and therefore, the water that they are providing is safe to consumers. There are a certain number of certificates offered to the companies. 

BIS certificate can acquire using various schemes, including the process for Domestic Manufacturers, tatkal scheme, ECO mark scheme, etc. Also, there is a specific process of acquiring this certificate for the Foreign Manufacturers. As per the location and requirement of your packaged drinking water plant in India, you can acquire the certificate using the most suitable method. 

Guidance to attain the certificate

Some experts can offer you guidance to attain the BIS certificate as well. They will help you prepare all the documents and other things to get the certificate with ease. At the end of the day, it is of utmost importance for the packaged water manufacturers to get this certificate as early as possible. Because as long as they don’t have this mandatory certificate, they won’t be able to operate the business. 

A few of the other companies that may require a BIS certification include diesel engine manufacturers, cement manufacturers, food and related products manufacturers, household electric good manufacturers, medical equipment manufacturers, and much more. 

There are some of the other certificates and licenses required by the packaged drinking water plant in India as well. Most importantly, they will need to get the place where they want to start the business certified. Also, manufacturers will require to have the lease and permission to operate in that place too. One of the other most important certificates is trademark registration. Additionally, the certificate to make sure that you are following all the necessary quality methods is also important. Pollution regulation permission might need as well.

The packaged water business is good, however, there is no doubt that companies require certain certificates and licenses to run the business. Make sure you have all the important permissions to start your business with ease. Also, some of the certifications and licenses might be upgraded, then the companies will have to get their permissions updated as well.


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