Only 10 years old Anubrata made 6 apps

July 5, 2020 moinak 0

Name Anubrata Sarkar. Study in class 5. The boy has created six mobile apps with his own hands.
The app, created by Anubrat, a resident of the New Town area of Alipurduar, is now waiting to be downloaded on Google Play Store.
Everyone was shocked to hear about his fame. Not only this, with the help of this app you can do wonders.
The list of apps created by Anubrat includes Ludoship, QR Code Scanner, Meat App, Pinch Heater Batsman, Brick and Meter and Legendary Runners.
The Mit app is a messaging app. Which is literally a chatting software. According to Anubrat, anyone can use this chatting app without any fear. No fear, no problem.