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Primal Crystal and Tame a Crystal Wyvern

Primal Crystal and Tame a Crystal Wyvern: The taming of a Crystal Wyvern and the harvesting of crystals is a final content that is suitable for players with experience with the right tools, armor, and building abilities to accomplish the mission. 

If you’re considering going for a wyvern hunt, and you’re hoping to conquer an icy wyvern of your own, be sure that you’re ready for a battle with the ferocious beast prior to engaging.

About Primal Crystal

Primal crystal is a mineral which can only be found only on Crystal Isles. Crystal Isles map. It isn’t available across other maps. Additionally, it gets older and can’t retain its initial status for a long time It’s something you’ll want to acquire once you’ve got a reason for it.

As you could require lots of this, the most effective method to obtain the crystal that is primordial is to construct an opportunity to gain an advantage over the wyverns that are dangerous.

How to Get Primal Crystal

It is necessary to extract an initial crystal from a dead alpha wyvern, or pull it out of the inventory of a wyvern that is unconscious. One of the most effective methods of doing this without death is to construct an enticement to draw a crystal wyvern to. 

  1. Choose a place close to dens of crystal wyverns so that they can be lured to the trap. However, you should also consider to make sure that it is sufficient away from the trap so that frequent Wyvern attacks do not hinder the construction process or other activities.
  2. Make traps. I suggest using the massive gate so that the huge wyverns are able to fit and don’t cause massive damage to it. Begin by laying foundations with the shape of 10 foundations wide.
  3. The gate should be placed within the gate.
  4. Make a small entrance to one side of your pen. You could use metal to do this.
  5. Put a door with a similar design in the doorway. Open it so that you can get out of this trap and not have to deal with the door.
  6. Create walls surrounding the trap. The entrance is 12 walls high so you should plan to build at least to that height.
  7. Install a roof over the trap. Create a trapdoor in the ceiling, allowing easy access to the pen to transq or eliminate the crystal Wyvern.
  8. Make sure to close the trap after you’re finished.
  9. Be close sufficient to the wyvern in order to lure it into following you. You must plan a swift mount or method of getting out of the way, otherwise, it could be dead before you get to the pen.
  10. In the pen, you must have the wyvern in front of you. Make sure to check that it followed you into.
  11. You can either close the gate as you enter the area and risk your life or keep a companion near the gate when the wyvern enters.
  12. Get to the back of the door and then exit. Secure the door to the side.
  13. Ascend to the top. In the days of my tribe doing this, we would climb the wall using grappling hooks and then descend using the parachute.

    But, you could also make use of jetpacks or construct an stairway or ladder on the side. Choose the method that is most suitable for you.
  14. The trapdoor is open. Utilize a tranq gun or darts to calm the wyvern, until it’s asleep.
  15. Find the lowest point of the trap and walk toward the Wyvern. Click to collect your primary crystal.
  16. Be careful, however as it could wreak havoc on you when it departs. You could also keep it stranded until crystals spawn in its inventory , and then repeat the procedure.

Uses for Primal Crystal

There are many different possibilities you can make with primal crystal. The most well-known of these are related to controlling the wyverns.

  • After they hatch from the eggs you can use crystals from the beginning to feed babies crustal wyverns.
  • Wyverns in the infant stage continue to consume primordial crystals until they’re mature. If they’re not fed they may end up dying.
  • Make use of primal crystal as the non-taming food source to control adult crystal wyverns.
  • The primary crystals begin to lose health with time and turn into normal crystals. Crystal isn’t an extremely difficult thing to find, but be careful not to do this for the sake of it.

How to Tame a Crystal Wyvern in ARK

While you could get an egg from a stray and createa crystal wyvern when you’re young children, you can be awed these magnificent creatures when you are an adult. Contrary to other wyverns they can be tamed.

About Crystal Wyverns

There are three types of crystal wyverns.

  • Blood crystal Wyverns make use of blood to attack. This attack will continue to cause damage over time, and then returns its health back to the Wyvern when it is wiped out of its target.
  • Tropical crystal Wyverns make use of more water than they do fire when it comes to fight opponents. They knock back enemies and dries up the stamina and health of your.
  • Ember crystal Wyverns come with a lengthy and intense breath attack. Although it isn’t sweeping as far as other types of wyverns, it can do more damage when you continue to use this breath of fire.

You might want to determine what you’d like to do first before you can tame it since the process could take some time. Crystal wyverns of other types take greater damage when tamed by a Wyvern that matches their subtype.

It’s also important to be aware that crystal wyverns won’t be aggressive until you assault them. 

Taming a Crystal Wyvern

One of the most exciting aspects about controlling the crystal wyvern is that it’s a passive way to tame. You don’t need to strike it down or fight it in order to master it. The tough part is obtaining the crystal that is your primary to get it to become a friend.

Your character should also be at least 65 in order to be able to passively tame the crystal Wyvern. If you’re at a lower level one, feeding will not be available even in the event that you have plenty primary crystals within your collection.

  1. Put the crystal that you used as the primary in the slot you used to store it in.
  2. Take a walk to the crystal Wyvern.
  3. Press the button is shown on screen to feed it.
  4. Follow the instructions and watch it become hungry again.

This is applicable to all kinds of crystal wyverns that are basic. It is impossible to control the heirs, but you can take their eggs, create the embryo of a crystal wyvern and feed it crystals from the primal until it is mature.


The most difficult part is controlling an animal that is active and fast. A few people try to approach it, only to be behind by a danger to the environment. Some move a massive, tame dino set to stand still in front of it in order to prevent it from flying off immediately. The person who is taming the crystal wyvern may remain on it for so long as they remain still and click only the button to feed.


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