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How to Turn on Privacy Screen on iPhone

How to Turn on Privacy Screen on iPhone: Are you fed up with your friends or family members constantly looking over your mobile phone. This are extremely annoying particularly when private information are stored on your devices.

In these instances using a privacy screen is a great option to give you a little additional privacy. It can also help protect your private information from the scrutiny of curious people.

If you’ve already installed the privacy screen protector onto you iPhone, and would like to go that extra mile in protecting your personal information and personal information, there are a few tweaks to settings that you can apply to the settings of your iOS devices.

So, in this post we will discuss the different ways you can employ to gain control of your device , by making sure your data is secure in the iPhone as well as your iPad.

How do you turn on the The Privacy Screen in the iPhone as well as iPad?

The best way to make privacy screens is to ensure that all your apps are locked. But in contrast to Android phones, iPhones do not have the ability to block apps. However, you are able to employ a few solutions to address this problem. You can make use of shortcuts and guided access, restrict the screen’s time, and much other options.

Let’s explore each of these strategies in greater detail below.

Create a Password to iPhone

Before we start the application lock process, be sure that you have a password to your lock screen that you have set on your phone. We recommend you create an effective pin code that’s not easily or predictably hackable. In addition, depending on the iPhone version, it will be able to gain access to Touch and Face ID. Therefore, you should activate these features for faster access.

Here are some guidelines you could follow.

  1. Launch your settings app on your device.
  2. Choose your option for Touch ID/Face ID Passcodeoption.
  3. Scroll down, and then tap option option to turn on the Passcode option.
  4. Enter your passcode, then enter it again to confirm it.
  5. From the same page on the same page, in the Use Face ID/Touchsection switch off an iPhone unlockoption.
  6. Follow the instructions on screen You’re all done!

Hide the default Apple Apps

If you are using some default Apple applications that you wish to keep off the device you use, activating the privacy and content restrictions feature could be the ideal method to implement. This approach is different from locking apps. Once you have disabled the app from this setting, you’ll not be able to locate the app on your phone in a comprehensive search.

Here are a few step-by step guides that you can follow.

on iOS 12 and Newer Versions

  1. Open Settings from your device. Settingsapp on your device.
  2. Click on the screen Timeoption.
  3. If you are not able to enable screen time, click on the screen to turn to the Screen Timeand adhere to the on-screen directions.
  4. Scroll down and then click on Content and Privacy Restrictions.
  5. You can enable the toggle to allow privacy and content restrictions.
  6. Then, click to open then the Allow Applications option.
  7. Switch off the toggle of the app you wish to keep off from the device.
  8. After that, exit Settings. Now, exit out of Setting to check the changes.

For iOS 11 and Older Versions

  1. Start Settings. Open settingsapp.
  2. Scroll down, then tap General.
  3. Then, scroll back down and click on the Restrictions option.
  4. Turn on by turning the switch to Restrictions.
  5. Make sure to enter the new password, then enter it again to verify the passcode.

Allow Guided Access

The guided access feature is an excellent feature that lets users to keep their iPhone in one app. It allows you to access your other apps impossible if do not have the passcode, fingerprint id or face ID to quit this mode. To enable this feature, here’s the steps you must take.

Set up Guided Access

  1. Launch the Settings app on your device.
  2. Scroll down, then tap Accessibility.
  3. Scroll down again to the Generalsection click on to the guided Accessoption.
  4. Switch on the toggle to enable Guided Access.
  5. Click on the Passcode Settings option.
  6. Simply click on guideline to set the Password.
  7. Enter in your passcode , and enter it again to confirm it.
  8. Based on the iPhone and iPad model, you’ll be able to choose between the option to use Touch ID or Face IDoption. Also, toggle the toggle to disable guided access making use of these functions.

Utilize Guided Access

  1. Go to the application that you like.
  2. To enable guided access, tap three times on at the Home button or power button.
  3. Tap the Startoption located in the upper-right corner.
  4. In the meantime, you aren’t able to quit from the window or switch to another application.
  5. Similar to exiting out the screen, triple-tap your power or home button.
  6. Enter your passcode and leave using the use of your Touch ID or Face ID.

Use Shortcuts

Another option to secure apps is to make shortcuts to automate automatic locks for specific apps when you enter. This can be done with a single or multiple apps. The process is simple to follow since it is only necessary to configure it using shortcut settings, and then alter them within your app for clocks.

Here’s how to accomplish it.

Create App Lock Shortcut

  1. Find and open The Shortcutsapp on your device.
  2. Go into the Automation tab, then click on the Create Personal Automation button.
  3. Scroll down until you reach an Application option.
  4. Then, click the Select option to choose the apps you wish to secure.
  5. After selecting the app, simply click the Done button.
  6. Tap the Next button in the upper-right edge of the screen.
  7. Then, tap on your “Add Actionbutton.
  8. From your search bar, enter Timer.
  9. Choose from the option for the Start Timer option from your list of results.
  10. Change the duration by 1-second by choosing the drop-down menu and click The Nextbutton.
  11. Turn off the toggle Be sure to ask before running.
  12. Then, click The Done button.

Configure the Clock App

  1. Once the automation has been set up, log on to the Clock application.
  2. Select your timer tab, which is located in the bottom.
  3. Within the When Timer is Over section Scroll down until you reach the bottom. Select to select the stop playing option.
  4. Click on the Set Click to apply the adjustments.

Then, go to the app that you secured using shortcuts to test it out. It will open briefly for a moment, but it will immediately secure your phone. In order to gain access you’ll need to unlock your phone with either Face identification, touch ID or passcode.

Allow Screentime Limits to be set.

If you’d like to set an exact time period to certain apps or apps, then setting the setting of a screentime limit is highly beneficial. Once the time limit expires the iOS phone will become locked and you’ll have to enter the passcode in order to allow you to use the application.

Here’s how you can set screentime limits.

  1. Start the Settings app on your device.
  2. Tap on the Screen Time option.
  3. Scroll down, then tap the Screen Time Passcode.
  4. Enter your passcode in the box and repeat to confirm it.
  5. If you’ve forgotten your screen time passcode you can make use of the Apple ID to reset it.
  6. Simply enter the details of your Apple ID and password and press OK.
  7. Then, scroll to the top and tap App Limits.
  8. Click to the Add Limitoption.
  9. Enter on your screen Limit Passcode.
  10. Then, tap the category, then select the app that you want to secure.
  11. Click Next. Set the timer for 1 minute.
  12. Check that you have the switch for Block at the end of Limitis switched on.
  13. Then, click”Add” to make the modifications.

Use Built-in App Settings

Some of the apps available on your App Store have a the privacy feature that is built-in to their systems. The apps that are included include Google Drive, Outlook, Paypal, Whatsapp, and many banking and finance apps. To find the privacy screen is a matter of navigating the app’s settings. Once you have done that, you’ll likely be able to encrypt it using a passcode Touch ID or even Face ID.


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