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Professional ReNoStar law firm software for switchers and law firm founders

The market for legal services is becoming ever tighter and competition is increasing. In the foreseeable future, communication with courts and authorities as well as file management will only be done electronically. Law firms without professional and always up-to-date law firm software will therefore soon feel economic disadvantages. The integrated lawyer software ReNoStar Hotline grows scalably with the requirements. Additional modules also reduce the workload and external costs. Entry is possible from 19.90 euros per month.

“Lawyers in private practice will no longer be able to reliably meet future legal requirements with self-implemented solutions based on word processing and spreadsheets,” says Dr. Egon Buhleier, Managing Director of ReNoStar GmbH. “Only regularly updated and specialized law firm software ensures compliance with the required communication standards and legal framework. To make the decision easier for potential customers, we offer an entry-level version of ReNoStar with all important functions. This version, which can be upgraded at any time, costs only 19.90 euros per month. “

Why ReNoStar?

The integrated legal software ReNoStar grows scalably with the requirements of a law firm. ReNoStar offers professional, tried-and-tested migration solutions for switching from other law firm applications and accompanies customers during the changeover.

For Apple users, the company offers legal: Microsoft Office 365

, a law firm software specifically for users of the OS X operating system.

With a unique online commissioning concept, Re-NoStar guarantees that the customer’s software will run correctly. Upon request, Re-NoStar offers interfaces to all electronic communication channels: EGVP, SigNotar / XNotar, online reminders, Datev interface, ELSTER, electronic banking, account statement manager. Intelligent specialist solutions also offer the possibility of mapping complete work processes in some areas of law and thus processing cases in a standardized and well-researched manner.

Simply try it out!

ReNoStar allows skeptical customers to test the software free of charge. The free testit version can be downloaded here. It consists of a full version of ReNoStar, where only the number of possible files is limited.

Do you have problems with some Renostar functions on client workstations?

Problem: Workstations that start Renostar from another computer‘s network share – or use its data directory (mostly R:\) – return error messages from the access problem.

The cause: an update of Kaspersky Antivirus / Security (apparently from the third week of December); more precisely: the Kaspersky component “Activity Monitor”. If you disable this Kaspersky component on a test basis, Renostar runs fine again. Setting exceptions / trusted programs unfortunately does not bring any remedy.

Remedy according to the hotline of the program manufacturer:

Set a general exception in Kaspersky for the entire Renostar network path. (This is not a good idea, as infected files located there could easily infect other client computers; moreover, this method does not seem to help with this particular problem either).

In the future, law firms will no longer be able to work efficiently without professional legal software. Keyword: “special electronic lawyer mailbox” (beA). The importance of law firm software is increasing accordingly. ReNoStar offers a unique online commissioning concept that ensures it can run on suitable law firm systems without the need for expensive third-party IT technicians on site. In addition, ReNoStar’s cost-effective rental concept is easy on customer budgets, eliminating the need for high software investments.

“Professional law firms can no longer map future requirements with makeshift solutions from Word and Excel,” says Dr. Egon Buhleier, Managing Director of ReNoStar GmbH. “Only stable and always up-to-date law firm software enables compliance with all new communication standards. We make it easier for our customers to do their daily work in the office by using our unique online commissioning concept to ensure that customers can work with the software on their PCs immediately. There is no need to call for on-site technicians. We take full responsibility for a running law firm software on suitable systems. Thanks to the rental concept, monthly prices start at just 19.90 euros. “

Software installation by ReNoStar:

1. conduct a qualified test. The potential new customer learns about all the key application benefits in a 30-minute presentation via Internet access

3. the customer can test the software with a limited number of files free of charge In case of continued use, a monthly rental fee will be charged. Maintenance services (adaptation of the module to legal changes, hotline service, online training services) are included in the rental fee.

Software must be kept up to date

End-to-end digitization streamlines work processes at courts, public authorities and insurers. This is true at least for law firms and notaries’ offices. However, the prerequisite is that the lawyer’s software is always up to date in order to derive maximum benefit from it. ReNoStar’s well thought-out, comprehensive maintenance concept for hardware AND software forms the basis for higher revenues and greater system security in law firms. This is where the standard service offered by most law firm software providers and even some hardware maintainers quickly reach their limits.

Why is that? The answer is quite simple: because systems are constantly changing, for example through updates to the operating system and applications such as Microsoft Word. But these form the basis for the core task of the company – the creation of documents.

For more than 30 years, the owner-managed company ReNoStar has been supporting the success of law and notary firms with sophisticated organizational concepts and generic software solutions. Hence the motto: ReNoStar – More than software.

Today, more than 7,500 law firms use ReNoStar software solutions on over 50,000 workstations – both on Windows-based PCs (ReNoStar) and on Apple Mac computers (legal: office). In addition to always up-to-date law firm software, ReNoStar now also implements complete EDP / IT concepts from a single source and with a start-up guarantee.

With its unconditional commitment to quality, ReNoStar guarantees its customers the highest level of operational and data security based on the latest technologies. At the same time, successful, proven and optimized work processes ensure more efficient law firm operations. Every lawyer can afford these advantages, because ReNoStar offers its law firm software and other modular solutions at favorable rental conditions.


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