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Quantity Takeoff services, how it works and its benefits

As you know, in a construction project, the base is the most important step. If the base is frail there is no chance that the completed project will stand firmly. Well that being said, in this situation, takeoff services are considered as the base of a construction process. Here’s a short definition of takeoff in the construction industry.

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Back to our topic, the takeoff sheet that contains all of the materials and their quantities is quantity takeoff. Quantity takeoff also referred to as quantity surveying or material counts doesn’t contain any labor, overheads, etc. No matter at work or at home if you have a project to build you’ll need these services for a better result.

Difference between takeoff and estimating

As I mentioned before, takeoff contains all the materials, quantities, etc. Now the question remains, what is estimating? Well, it’s simple, assigning the prices to the given takeoff is estimating. This work in the construction industry is as important as the project itself. 

Takeoff Services includes:

  • Material Takeoffs
  • Construction Takeoffs
  • Quantity Takeoffs
  • Earthwork Takeoffs
  • Mechanical Takeoffs
  • Electrical Takeoffs
  • Plumbing Takeoffs

Types of Material Takeoff services

  • Manual Takeoff Services
  • Digital Takeoff Services

Manual Takeoff Services:

This type of takeoff is performed manually. But it can be a headache because you can miscount some items.

This method is very time-consuming and most likely to have some human errors. Even the most experienced estimators can’t do the work precisely and therefore can’t give you enough attention to details

Digital Takeoff Services:

The type of takeoff which is performed digitally with the help of online software is a digital takeoff. It’s more accurate, less time-consuming, and can prevent headaches. Most of the world nowadays prefers digital software rather than performing the work manually. 

Benefits of using quantity takeoff services

Almost all contractors use estimating and takeoff services before starting a project. Here is how quantity takeoff services are beneficial:

Note: A takeoff can be done without any estimate but an estimate must need a takeoff to complete.

How it Works:

  1. First, the contractor reaches out to a takeoff specialist for a material takeoff. Contractor gives them the drawings or plans of the current project. Takeoff specialist then starts working on the project and adds the materials needed like concrete, bricks, drywall sheets, pipes, paints etc. 
  2. After completing the step one specialist assigns the quantities for the required materials and includes wastage, and labor.
  3. After that it depends if the contractor needed the pricing. If yes, then estimators assign the pricing to each material (Single + Total) and add labor costs.
  4. At the end after the bid is completed contractors give the bid to the project. manager who then starts working on the project.


. In construction projects, the base is takeoff services. If you are going to start a business that includes electrical estimating services, and want to provide the best services, quantity takeoff services are as important as the base itself.

Based on study “San San Francisco has the highest cost US city to build a home in”

Returning to our subject The takeoff sheet that comprises all of the items as well as their quantities is known as quantity takeoff. Quantity takeoff , also known as material counts or quantity surveying does not include any labor or overheads. It doesn’t matter if you work from home or at home, if are building a new project, you’ll require these services for better results.

Nearly all contractors utilize estimates and takeoff services prior to launching the project. Here’s how quantity takeoff services are advantageous Takeoffs can be completed without the need for an estimate, but estimates must require a takeoff before completing.

This kind of takeoff is done by hand. It can be an issue due to the possibility of miscounting things. This is a time-consuming process and is most likely to result in human error. Even the most knowledgeable estimators aren’t able to do the job in a precise manner, and consequently won’t provide enough attention to detail
To return to our topic the takeoff sheet which comprises all of the items and their amounts are called quantity takeoff. 

Quantity Takeoff, also known as quantity surveying, or even material counts does not include any overheads, labor, or other expenses. It doesn’t matter if you work from home or at home, if you have a building project in mind, you’ll require these services to get the best results.


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