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Raveena Tandon’s reaction to the new Tip Tip Barsa Pani song, as revealed by Farah Khan: ‘She called and said Katrina Kaif is looking so good’


Rohit Shetty’s Sooryavanshi released a day after Diwali on November 5. Apart from some action-packed drama, the Akshay Kumar-Katrina Kaif action-drama also treated fans to a revamped version of the popular Mohra song “Tip Tip Barsa Pani”. The sizzling music video was also released on Saturday, much to the surprise of the audience. The original, from 90s release Mohra, featured Akshay and Raveena Tandon. Choreographer Farah Khan in a recent media interaction spoke about working on the recreation, and also shared that Raveena was the first one to call her after watching the new version. The 90s popular actor also mentioned to her how Katrina was looking really good in the song.

Speaking to the India Today, the choreographer-filmmaker said, “Raveena was the first one to call me and say that the song is looking fab and Katrina is looking so good. Even Manish (Malhotra) was of the thought that we go away from the visuals of the original song and he’s made Katrina look like a million bucks. I also don’t think anyone could have done justice to “Tip Tip”, other than Katrina.”

Farah revealed that given the song is an iconic one, she felt huge pressure to deliver and do justice to it. Khan also revealed since Katrina and she already had a hit “Sheila ki jawani”, it was an added pressure. Talking about collaborating with the actor again, Farah said, “It was an absolute delight! She is in her best shape and looking stunning, so to work with her on “Tip tip” was just perfect.”

Commenting on re-creating the song, the choreographer said that the idea was not to go overtly sensual like the original song. “Rohit (Shetty) had a very different vision for the new version. The original song came out some 27 years ago and clearly, things have changed since then. So, we wanted to make the song look very current. There was also the fact that the visuals of the original song and that yellow sari are so iconic that they are still imprinted on our minds. Add Raveena to that, who is a dear friend, and her appeal. So, I didn’t want her going for my neck (laughs),” Farah Khan shared.

She also discussed the criticism that the remix version has been receiving from a certain section of the audience. Farah said, “You are getting two for the price of one. And you know, Rekha and Chinni Prakash, who did the original song, their son was assisting Rohit on this song. I kept telling him, ‘Call your father and I hope he’s not going to be upset’, and he said, ‘No, my dad loves you!’ So that was a big relief because I personally don’t like doing remakes of songs.”

With a blockbuster opening, Sooryavanshi has earned Rs 77 crore after the first weekend. This will make it the highest first weekend gross for an Akshay Kumar film.


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