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Why Is There a Scab on My Penis

Why Is There a Scab on My Penis: When you scratch the skin of you, the platelets are rushed to the area to form an edema and reduce the loss of blood. The clot may harden into the form of a scab that serves as a protective layer over the skin’s surface and permits fresh skin cells develop underneath.

If you notice a scab appearing on a knee that has been scraped It’s a part of healing. If you notice a scab on your penis, it could be more confusing and even frightening.

There are a variety of reasons the formation of a scab could occur in your penis. It could be an indication of a skin condition that is common like Psoriasis. It could also become a serious sign that is a result of sexually transmitted illness (STI).

Explore images and find out about the causes that could cause an infection on your penis as well as ways to treat and prevent it.

Conditions of the skin that could lead to penis skin scabs

A scab can appear on your penis due to the fact that you suffer from an skin issue that causes irritation, blisters or scabs to develop anywhere within your body. It’s no surprise that the skin issue that develops on your penis may cause more pain than any other area.

A skin issue that affects the penis could require a different treatment than that applied to the same problem that affects a more sensitive area within the human body.

A few common skin conditions that can be affecting the penis are:


Psoriasis is a skin disorder which is characterised by an unusually fast process of cell division in the skin. The production of new skin cells is quicker than they are required, resulting in the development in dead cells on the skin’s surface. The areas may appear as dry skin patches, scaly patches, or scabs.

Since the penis’s skin is so delicate and irritable, treatment of Genital skin psoriasis is more difficult than the treatment of psoriasis that affects other areas within the human body.

Certain topical medications can to slow the growth of skin cells and ease itching and pain that are often associated with the condition known as psoriasis. In small doses, the ultraviolet-B (UVB) treatment can also be beneficial.

Molluscum contagiosum

Infected by a virus the molluscum contagiosum is a white bump that appears that appear on your skin. The bumps can be found anywhere, even the penis. The act of picking them may cause a scab formand can cause the infection to grow.

Contact between skin and skin with people who have the virus could result in molluscum contagiosum. It can also happen through the contact of towels and other materials that contain the virus.


The appearance of scabs or the dryness of your skin in your penis may also be a result of an allergy to a recent detergent as well as and the latex in condoms, or any of a variety of allergens. Alongside your skin becoming dry and dry you could be suffering from watery eyes or sinus congestion.

If the problem is due to latex Try condoms that are free of latex that are composed of polyurethane or silicone.

Have I got an STI?

It is not the case that all STIs cause sores , or other obvious modifications to the penis. However, bumps, sores skin rashes and scabs are some of the most common symptoms that indicate a sexually transmitted illness (STD) — an often-used, but more ambiguous, term used to describe STI.

To identify the type of STI you may have contracted it is helpful to learn the appearance of the scab and the other signs that could be evident.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the most common STIs which can result in penis scabs.

Genital herpes

The signs of the genital herpes begin to manifest between two days and one week after the exposuretypically, they appear in the form of tiny bumps or blisters on the penis.

The blisters may develop into bleeding or oozing ulcers, and eventually, they develop scabs after the ulcers heal.

The same symptoms could occur in other areas of the genital region and may be accompanied by discomfort and itching.

Genital herpes does not have a cure but antiviral medicines can assist in reducing symptoms. Two of the most commonly prescribed drugs are Acyclovir (Zovirax) along with Valacyclovir (Valtrex).

Genital warts

Human the papillomavirus (HPV) is a virus that can cause warts that are genital. It is possible to get an HPV infection but not develop warts in the genital region.

In some instances the genital warts may not be evident. They can also be larger flesh-colored bumps around the penis.

Genital warts might be itchy, however they’re generally painless. If you scratch them, scabs can begin to form and can delay your healing.

Your body’s immune system can fight the infection, meaning that the warts might disappear without treatment. In the event that they don’t, your physician might recommend a cream or ointment that is specifically designed specifically for genital warts.

It is not recommended to use any over-the-counter wart removal products for your penis.

Last-resort treatments can include the cryotherapy (freezing your warts away) and surgical procedures.


Syphilis is a potentially dangerous disease if it isn’t diagnosed and treated appropriately. This bacterial infection may cause a number of sores to form on your penis.

The sore, also known as a chancre, usually not painful and can go unnoticed. The scab could develop over the sore. it can fade over several weeks, without antibiotic therapy.

But, if infection remains evident, it is possible for a rash to could be seen on the trunk. It can then befall the rest of the body. Other symptoms can include muscle pain, fatigue and swelling of lymph nodes.

Syphilis is simple to treat at its earliest stages. A single injection of antibiotic penicillin can be sufficient. If however, the condition has been present for more than one year, further injections might be required.


Chancroid is a different bacteria that is usually passed via sexual contact. It may cause an ulcer. It can also cause the formation of a scab around or on the penis. These sores could be very painful.

The lymph nodes that are located in the groin could also get painful and swollen on both sides or one.

The majority of antibiotics work in treating the chancroid. In extreme cases, however there may be a scar.

Lymphogranuloma venereum

Lymphogranuloma venereum can be caused by the type of Chlamydia which is a commonly sexually transmitted bacteria-related infection. The first sign is usually one or more penis-related sores which can be painless. The sores can heal even if you’re infectious.

The swelling and pain that occurs in the lymph nodes nearby could follow.

Tetracycline, a type of antibiotic is usually sufficient to cure the disease and prevent the virus from spreading to other people.

What is the best time to get assistance?

The appearance of scabs or bumps or other signs of changes to your penis should trigger an appointment with a doctor or other health medical professional.

It is possible to consult a dermatologist, Urologist, or perhaps an infectious specialist in the event that an infection has caused your symptoms.

In certain instances the small amount of tissue from a scab or bump can go to a laboratory to analyze. The results will verify a diagnosis.

If the sores or scabs are painful or if you feel pain or swelling around the lymph nodes in your groin, you should seek an appointment with a doctor as soon as is possible. It is possible to go to the emergency department or urgent medical center.

If you’re given antibiotics and antiviral therapy it is possible that you’ll be infected when you’re taking the medication. Make sure you discuss with your physician whether it’s safe to resume sexual activities.

Tips for prevention

To avoid the possibility of developing an STI or STI, both you and your partner should be tested for any potential infections by a medical professional. Be aware that a disease like syphilis may remain unnoticed without symptoms for a long time.

The regular STI testing is a great option for anyone who is sexually active, particularly couples who have just started a relationship or more than one partner.

A condom when you are having vaginal or anal sex may provide protection from many STIs.

The dams of the dental are also able to provide protection for oral sexual.

But, keep in mind that any kind of skin-to skin contact with someone with an infectious skin disease can expose you to risk.

Personal hygiene is important. Along with showering frequently and wearing clean, dry underclothes you must also be careful not to share towels with people who might suffer from a skin infection that is contagious.

The main point

There are many reasons for a scab to develop around your penis. However, since many ailments cause identical symptoms, it’s crucial to determine the cause early as you can.

A few of the ailments that lead to the penis to scab could lead to severe health issues and can also be transmittable.

If it’s an STI or a less serious disease being diagnosed early and treated will give you a greater chances of recovery and less health issues.

Early treatment helps to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.


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