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Self-Inquiry: Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Do you stop and take out time to do self-talk? If not, you might find it hard to become one with yourself. More than that, you could face difficulty in removing negative vibes, thoughts, or patterns from your mind. Therefore, you should always spend quality time on self-inquiry.

However, that is not an easy task. You will face a lot of challenges that come your way when you step up for self-inquiry. For that, make sure you check out the following steps that you can follow to overcome the challenges. Read on

What is Self Inquiry?

The art of having internal dialogue is known as self-inquiry. Further, it is also known as vichara. You enter the state of true self when you do self-inquiry.

It helps you cultivate self-awareness so that you learn about the way you behave or perceive things in life. You connect with the internal mechanisms that help you understand how your mind works.

The more time you spend searching for answers, the easier will it get for you to reach the desired goal.

Different Challenges to Self Inquiry

Connecting to your inner self will help you reap all the benefits of self-inquiry. However, you need to bypass various challenges that come your way. Check them out.


It is one of the major challenges that you might come across while walking the path of self-inquiry. You could be facing something that you have been neglecting or avoiding your whole life. So, you need to confront them so that you can accept them and move ahead.

Ignoring the negative thoughts will put you in the cycle of hide and seek. Flushing out such cycles is what self-inquiry aims for. Resistance has many forms that will come your way to distract you from what you have been trying to do.


Another evil that you will confront on the path of self-inquiry is discipline. Some days are going to be easy whereas some will be hard on you. On a hard day, everyone prefers to procrastinate on what is at hand.

The best way to inculcate discipline in life is to follow a routine. For that, you can simply join a yoga teacher training course. However, make sure it is a 500 RYT course. That helps you take your training to the highest level.

With that said, let’s look at some of the easiest steps to incorporate self-inquiry into your life. Do not skip any step as each step is a stepping stone for the following step. Keep reading.

Steps to Practice Self Inquiry

  1. Begin with setting up an intention. In Sanskrit, it is known as Sankalpa. It could be anything, from waking up early to find a purpose in life.
  2. The intention is going to set the pace and direction of your self-inquiry.
  3. So, make sure you think a little before setting up anything.
  4. You can also make a list of questions you would want answers to.
  5. Make sure you write them on a page.
  6. Turn your focus inward and breathe in and out for two minutes.
  7. Feel the rise and fall of the chest, in and out motion of the stomach, and the pace of the breath.
  8. Once you have settled, ask one question from the list you have prepared.
  9. Do not forget to choose only one. You can keep the rest for other sessions.
  10. Close your eyes and breathe deep after selecting the answer.
  11. Let your consciousness penetrate the deepest core of your soul.
  12. Do not search for answers. They will come automatically.
  13. Rather, aim for the stillness of mind. Being quiet lets the pure consciousness shower you with the answer.

You should choose questions that you have been truly looking out for. Choose things that define your personality or character.

Wrap Up

Discipline and the art of meditation practice are some of the vital elements for a successful self-inquiry. Therefore, joining a yoga teacher training course is going to help you. However, make sure you join a YTT Rishikesh.

Rishikesh is a hub for yoga practitioners. Thus, you get to learn from venerable yoga masters that ensure you reach the desired goal in no time. In Rishikesh, you will find many spiritual and meditation centers to join about your self knowledge.


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