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Seven reasons why the OnePlus 9 Pro is your ultimate travel companion


The OnePlus 9 Pro has successfully made its mark in the flagship world and very easily unsettled all the other smartphones in its segment. But its combination of superb design, high-end hardware and excellent software not only make it one of the best phones in the world today but also the perfect device for you to take along on your travels (yes, travel is becoming a thing once again as the world slowly emerges from the pandemic). The phone can not only handle routine tasks like mail, messaging and browsing with ease, but also has the ability and features to be your perfect tech travel companion. Sounds hard to believe? Check these seven reasons why the OnePlus 9 Pro makes the best travelling buddy:

Out of the world cameras

Taking a camera along on a trip is a necessity. To not have all one’s memories of the trip captured and saved would be such a waste. But carrying a camera separately to get good quality images can be such a headache. A DSLR adds to your luggage weight and can be a pain to use for those “capture the moment” times. If you have a OnePlus 9 Pro, those are problems you will not have to deal with. The phone comes with out of the world cameras – a quad camera set up on the back which comprising a 48 megapixel Sony IMX789 sensor with dual native ISO and omnidirectional PDAF, a 50 megapixel ultrawide Sony IMX766 sensor, an 8 megapixel telephoto sensor with 3.3x optical zoom, PDAF and OIS and lastly a 2 megapixel monochrome sensor. And all of them combine to deliver an exceptional performance. The main sensor produces accurate colour and delivers tons of details, the ultrawide sensor will be your best friend for landscape photography, and the telephoto sensor will let you snap from a distance without disturbing your subject.

But these are not the only reasons why we call the cameras on the OnePlus 9 Pro ‘out of this world.’ For the OnePlus 9 Pro;’s cameras, OnePlus partnered with one of the most iconic camera names in the world: Hasselblad. The OnePlus 9 Pro comes with the Hasselblad Pro Mode built right into the native camera app of the phone that allows you to take professional level images right on your phone by allowing you to manually control settings like ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance amongst other settings. The partnership also brings Hasselblad-level sensor calibration for the first time ever to a smartphone which means colours reproduced by your OnePlus 9 Pro will be amazingly accurate and as close to reality as possible. It also allows you to shoot in 12-bit RAW format which offers 64x the colour compared to ordinary 10-bit RAW format. Along with these features and functions, the partnership also brings unique Hasselblad touches to the interface, such as the iconic Hasselblad X-Pan mode to the OnePlus 9 Pro, allowing you to take stunning panoramic pictures with the aspect ratio of 65:24– the same as the aspect ratio on the original Hasselblad XPan camera. Super low light photography and excellent video shooting ability (you can shoot 4K HDR video) top off the package that will take your travel pictures from basic to brilliant in just one click. Yes, we will say it: you can leave your DSLR behind.

Flagship performance like no other

The OnePlus 9 Pro is powered by one of the most powerful chipsets in the world of smartphones — the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G processor, and comes with RAM and storage variants of 8 GB / 128 GB, 8 GB/ 256GB and 12 GB/256 GB storage, ensuring that memory is never an issue. The phone is built to handle everything, from everyday tasks to high end gaming with ease, You can therefore simply shoot pictures or videos of your travel, edit them in detail on the go (yes, even RAW images) and post them right there and then. Killing the hassle of transferring the data on a laptop, editing it and then sharing it. The phone comes with excellent GPS capabilities, allowing you to mark your location and also find your way around without asking anyone, and in case you need to do a spot of work on the go, well, creating and editing MS Office documents is effortless on the phone. You can also kill time by playing any game that you want on the device – something as minimalistic as Alto’s Odyssey or something as power hungry as Call of Duty. OnePlus 9 Pro has got you covered.

Dazzling display, great sound

The OnePlus 9 Pro comes with a beautiful, tall, bezel-less 6.7 inch AMOLED LTPO Fluid Display 2.0 with a screen resolution of a whopping 1440 x 3216 pixels, one of the highest around. These numbers are paired with a smart 120 Hz refresh rate feature that automatically cutomizes the display’s refresh rate based on the type of content you are consuming. Not only is the display a treat to consume content on, thanks to LTPO technology, the power consumption of the device drops by 50 per cent. This basically translates into more screen time, allowing you to use your phone for longer on your trips. If you decide to pep up a boring journey with gaming, the OnePlus 9 Pro’s display has got you covered. Round that off with brilliant stereo speakers and support for Dolby Atmos and you have fantastic sight and sound right in your pocket as you make your way on your trip. You can while away those long flights and waiting times by enjoying 4K content on your OnePlus 9 Pro!

Long lasting battery with Warp Charge power

When traveling you need a smartphone that can last through an intense journey without dying on you. The OnePlus 9 Pro comes with a large 4,500 mAh battery that can easily see you through a day of heavy usage. But in case you do run out of charge, all you need is half an hour worth of charging to get it from zero to 100 as the phone comes with support for OnePlus’ legendary 65W Warp Charge technology that can charge the phone completely under half an hour. The phone even charges wirelessly at super speed – it comes with support for 50W wireless charging. It also comes with a wireless reverse charging feature, which even lets you charge other devices that support wireless charging.

Keeps dust and water at bay

The OnePlus 9 Pro comes with a sleek premium design which might look dainty but the phone is as solid as it gets. It comes with Gorilla Glass 5 protection on both front and back, to save it from scratches and cracks in case of any accidental drops. To top this, the OnePlus 9 Pro also comes with IP 68 dust and water resistance. This means you can take your OnePlus 9 Pro swimming or dirt biking or on arduous treks in rocky territory. The OnePlus 9 Pro can take it!

5G support

Now, 5G might not be a thing in India as of now, but take your OnePlus 9 Pro traveling to a place where it works and you will be able to experience the magic of ultra fast internet speed on the device. It will literally bring the future speed to you which you otherwise would miss out on. And of course, when 5G does come, the OnePlus 9 Pro will be ready for it. Your travel buddy can handle any connectivity option – it also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS onboard.

Clean, uncomplicated software

When on a trip, the last thing you want is your phone to hang or cash or lag. There is zero chance of that happening with a OnePlus 9 Pro. The smartphone is powered by Android 11 topped with OnePlus’ OxygenOS, which is hailed as one of the most clean and uncomplicated interfaces. OnePlus is also one of the few brands which is renowned for delivering regular updates – your phone will always run smoothly and be up to date. Whatever bothers you on your trip, it certainly will not be the performance of the OnePlus 9 Pro.

The OnePlus 9 Pro is available at Rs 58, 999 for the 8 GB/128 GB variant and Rs 63,999 for the 12 GB/ 256 GB variant,, as well as OnePlus’ online and offline partner stores and also on Amazon.


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