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Significance Of Wheel Alignment And Wheel Balancing For Motorists

Accurate wheel alignment and wheel balancing better the wheel’s performance and prolong its life. Wear and tear, potholes, bumps, kerbs, driving on uneven surfaces are the causes of wheel misalignment. Therefore, it is paramount that you maintain the right alignment for optimum wheel performance and quality.

What Is A Wheel Alignment?

The angle that wheels make with each other and the vehicle’s body is known as wheel alignment. You can change it by altering the vehicle suspension. Always get an MOT Newbury check-up every 1,000 miles or when you detect any change in the driving or handling of your car.

Signs That The Wheels Are Misaligned

Wheel misalignment can significantly alter your driving experience. A few warning signs that indicate that the wheels might be misaligned are –

  • The tread has uneven or abnormal wear.
  • Even when driving straight, the steering wheel is off-centre.
  • The car leans to the left or right.
  • The steering wheel vibrates.
  • Positive toe.
  • Negative toe.
  • Positive camber.
  • Negative camber.
  • Caster

Camber: if you stand in front of the car and see that the wheels are tilted at an inward or outward angle, it is called camber.

Toe: When seen from above of the car, if the wheels are parallelly aligned, it is known as toe. Both be toe-in or toe-out can occur.

Caster: Caster surrounds the tilt of the steering axis seeable from the side of the vehicle. It has an impact on stability, cornering, and steering balance.

Importance Of Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment has a direct impact on handling and thus has a vital role in ensuring your safety. Therefore, you should include it as a part of car service. Plus, there is lesser wear and tear of steering, suspension, brakes, and wheels. It lengthens the wheels’ life, providing you with the best service and fuel consumption.

What Is Wheel Balancing?

Wheel alignment is all about the angle, direction, and sitting position of the wheels when mounted to the vehicle. But the wheels have to be properly balanced. Or else, there won’t be smooth rolling. It is virtually impossible to design a wheel or a tyre that has perfect balancing even with the cutting edge technology available. There will be some discrepancy in the thickness of the materials. If there is a considerable difference in the distribution of weight, the wheel will produce vibration when rotating. The vibrations will increase with rising speed.

The wheel balancing technique uses machines that spin each wheel and tyre to detect the areas where the wheel weighs more. The technician, with bonding cement, attaches small lead weights to the wheel’s lightest area.

Importance Of Wheel Balancing

When you are changing your tyres, the mechanic should tell you that they will provide a wheel balancing service along with the installation. If they fail to mention this service, talk to them about it. It is a very crucial service as unbalanced wheels will lead to riding difficulty and vibration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of a wheel alignment?

Usually, wheel alignment services can be done within an hour, though it varies due to vehicle circumstances. If the suspension system has worn out excessively or is damaged, or some parts need changing, this might take longer.

Is Tracking and Wheel Alignment the same?

The process of tracking and alignment of the wheels bear no difference. Now, due to advancements in technology, alignment covers all the wheels. But a conventional tracking only provided service to the front wheels. Modern alignment technology has laser and HD imaging sensors that provide extraordinary precision to all alignment aspects. They consist of – thrust line, toe, camber, and caster to change the angles suggested by the manufacturer.

What is the working of Laser Wheel Alignment?

Mechanics use a precise laser system in the laser wheel alignment to see whether the angles of the wheels are perfect or not.

Can I Do A Wheel Alignment By Myself?

If you follow the guide mentioned above, you can check if there is any wheel that is misaligned. It is safer to take your car to a professional for alignment correction. They have all the modern tools and technology to adjust the wheels as needed.

Is Steering Affected By Wheel Alignment?

Yes, wheel alignment adversely affects steering. If you are driving on misaligned wheels, they will pull the steering to the left or right.

So, get both wheel balancing and wheel alignment Newbury when you are getting your wheels replaced. Wheels, when fitted perfectly, ensure safety and better performance. Plus, the wheels last longer.


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