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Do you sleep after lunch? Know the causes and solutions

Do you sleep after complete your lunch? If the answer is yes, then it is good to know that you are not alone in this group. Many people fall asleep after complete their lunch.

Why sleep at noon, and what could be the reason behind it?

According to nutritionists, eating more than necessary in your body then fluctuates insulin levels in the body. After eating any food, your pancreas starts making insulin to control blood sugar.

The pancreas produces more insulin when it eats more. Two things happen when more insulin is produced to sleep, hormones are made in the body.

This hormone travels to your brain and is converted to serotonin and melatonin by metabolism. This melatonin is the sleep hormone.

The man was sleep after lunch

As well as eating foods rich in high carbohydrates consumes a lot of energy to digest. According to doctors, 60 to 75 percent of the body’s energy is used to digest heavy foods.

This energy gets us to sleep. This happens not only in high carbohydrate-rich foods, but also in protein foods.

The importance of the digestive system in food digestion –

Your body needs the energy to work from daily routine tasks to workouts and breathing. That only gets from food. The digestive system in the body converts our food into glucose.

Eating nutritious foods like protein gives us calories in our body that give energy to your body.

How to get rid of this sleep after lunch problem?

1. Avoid heavy meals at noon –

The reason for feeling tired and sleepy after eating is heavy food and extra food. No matter how much you eat when you are hungry, it should not be junk food.

Because the heavier the food you eat, the more energy your body needs to digest.

2. Eating these foods makes you sleepy –

Eating more protein and more fatty foods will make you suffer. Excessive eating will expend more energy on the body to break it down.

So, don’t go eating too much at noon. Eating light meals at noon will help reduce this feeling of sleepiness. However, if you still feel tired and sleepy, then consult a doctor.

3. Getting enough sleep at night –

If you don’t get enough sleep at night, it feels like sleeping during the day. So, you have to change your routine. In addition to eating well, you also need to sleep well.

4. Physical Exercise –

Physical activity increases energy and reduces fatigue. It helps you stay fit and sleep better at night.


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