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Stay healthy heart by a change in daily routine!

The heart plays an important role in our body. However, most of the time we forget to take care of the heart.

Checking your health of the upper heart every three months to see how healthy it is or how dangerous it is not yet common.

There is still no need for check-ups every few months.

As there is no such awareness, there are many shortcomings in the care taken to prevent heart disease.

Many people think that just exercising and walking for a long time will cure all heart diseases.

Experts, however, need to keep an eye on something more.

In addition to physical exercise, food and lifestyle should also be monitored.

Only then will it be possible to make complete armor to fight the disease.

How to keep a healthy heart?

1. Eat a balanced diet –

A balanced diet means food that is good for the heart. For example, green vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, vegetable protein, fish, a moderate amount of meat should be included in the diet.

Junk food, soft drinks, and the number of carbohydrates in the diet should be eliminated.

30 grams of any Indian snack. You can eat a boiled egg, semolina, etc. However, the amount of oil in cooking should be kept to a minimum.

Stay healthy heart by a change in daily routine!

Then eat a glass of milk or yogurt. You can also eat an omelet with a boiled egg or two egg whites.

Apart from 2 loaves of ghee, 50 grams of rice, one bowl of vegetables, one bowl of pulses, one piece of fish or two pieces of chicken, one bowl of curd. You can also eat salad.

2. Do exercise daily –

To keep the heart healthy, the blood circulation of the body must be in the right way.

If the blood is not circulating properly in the body, oxygen cannot be supplied to the cells properly.

As a result, the cells are damaged and its effect falls on the heart so, keep an eye on these issues regularly for overall heart health.

If necessary, get a medical check-up every six months or once a year to consult a doctor even for minor problems.

In this case, at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise or 75 minutes of sweat-sweating exercise must be done every week.

3. Keep weight under control –

Keep maintaining your body weight according to your age, height. Avoid foods that contain saturated fat as much as you can Burgers, pizzas, extra grills, etc.

It contains saturated fat, which can lower bad cholesterol levels in the body.

As a result, the condition of the heart is bound to get worse. Moreover, if you eat this type of food day after day, you will gain weight so, and you have to follow a healthy diet.

Eat fiber-rich foods put fish in your diet you can eat oily fish twice a week this fish contains Omega 3.

Which helps to keep the heart healthy must weigh regularly. If you gain weight, you have must control it.

Otherwise, your heart will be stressed. That is why exercise is especially recommended.

4. Control Diabetes –

Patients with diabetes have a higher risk of heart disease. A recent study found that people with type 2 diabetes diseases.

Whose blood sugar fluctuates at an unprecedented rate, are more likely to have heart disease. Suffering from high blood sugar, they are at the edge of the abyss in case of a heart attack.

So they need to be aware a lot more. And those who have at least 2-3 months of similar blood sugar are much more likely to get the disease.

5. Control Blood Pressure –

If blood pressure rises, there are no specific symptoms. Sometimes someone has a headache, suddenly the head may shake, sometimes it feels weak, with little effort there is difficulty in breathing and palpitations in the chest.

Again, it becomes just by itself. Most people do not want to see a doctor with these symptoms. So the disease is not caught quickly.

But if you live with uncontrolled blood pressure in this way continuously, different parts of the body start getting crippled one by one.

One of the causes of a heart attack in our country is uncontrolled blood pressure.

Blood pressure is also responsible for sudden brain hemorrhage. There is also a risk of kidney disease and retinal damage due to persistent high blood pressure.

6. Control Cholesterol –

Keep an eye on cholesterol to prevent heart disease. Excessive cholesterol settles in the body due to irregular eating and uncontrolled living.

The body gets a small amount of cholesterol from food every day. As a result, as much cholesterol as is needed is produced in a normal way.

Therefore, if the level of cholesterol in the blood increases due to irregularities, it becomes a risk factor.

This cholesterol is also responsible for one of the causes of heart disease.

The body gets a small amount of cholesterol from food every day. As a result, as much cholesterol as is needed is produced in a normal way.

Therefore, if the level of cholesterol in the blood increases due to irregularities, it becomes a risk factor.

This cholesterol is also responsible for one of the causes of heart disease.

7. Live a Tobacco-Free Life –

Avoid smoking as much as possible to maintain heart health Smoking or use of other tobacco products should be stopped.

The amount of alcohol should also be reduced. Even if you play, you have to take the advice of a doctor, he will decide how much to eat.

8. Maintain risk factor for the heart –

There is a risk factor for heart disease. Such as smoking in some cases, alcoholism in others, kidney disease in others, or hereditary factors.

So it is necessary to know this matter by seeing a doctor in advance.

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According to experts, it is not at all wise to ignore the immunity we acquire in our bodies.

Especially in the care of the heart is to be aware at all times.

Just as too much oil and spice is a cure for this disease.

Some foods must be included in the daily diet to increase the efficiency of the heart and keep the heart-healthy.

9. Take regular check-ups on your heart and medicines –

If a heart disease is already ingrained in the body, then regular check-ups should be done.

The medicine prescribed by the doctor cannot be stopped. Then you can stay healthy a lot.

Otherwise, the doctor will not understand when the moment of trouble is approaching!


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