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Step inside Dia Mirza’s gorgeous home that she shares with husband Vaibhav and son Avyaan: ‘My sanctuary’


Actor Dia Mirza has always been a firm believer in conservation and a sustainable lifestyle, and her home reflects her ideas. In a recent interview, Dia opened up about her ‘sanctuary’, and talked about her childhood, which was spent in proximity with nature. Dia’s home shows her determination to follow a sustainable lifestyle, without any wastage.

In an interview to Harper Bazaar, Dia Mirza even mentioned that her home in Bandra, Mumbai is a paradise for birds. “I have almost 25 species of birds visiting my window every day,” Dia said.

Sharing pictures of her home on Instagram, Dia Mirza, who is also an UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador and United Nations Secretary-General Advocate for Sustainable Development Goals, wrote, “Always seeking nature. Repurpose, restore, recycle, manage waste… Are some ways to make a home better and safer.” In a separate post, she described her home as her “sanctuary of sustainability.”

Posting an excerpt from her interview, Dia talked about how her childhood in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad presented her with ‘an incredible expanse of nature’. “I have vivid memories of sitting on the ground with my hands soiled, planting saplings with my mother…and the joy of watering plants, especially getting wet on a hot, sweltering day,” she said.

Dia’s apartment in Mumbai is filled with oxygenating plants like money plants, mother-in-law’s tongues, and arrowheads. “I have almost 25 species of birds visiting my window every day,” Dia said in the interview. “I’ve had red-vented bulbuls, sparrows, coppersmith barbets, and sunbirds building nests in the windows and foliage… It’s magical to hear the bird song through the day;you feel transported from the big metropolis to a lush forest,” she said.


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