Suffer from colds and coughs? Must know the solution

In summer sweating is common in extreme heat, but colds are not uncommon. Most of us suffer from mild colds and coughs. The infection is gradually increasing with the heat.

And this cold cough, chest mucus, or phlegm problem means panic. Many are panicking about it as a common problem.

However, there are some remedies that are especially effective in relieving colds, coughs, and phlegm or mucus deposits without fear or before taking strong medicines or syrups!

What is the process to relieve from colds and coughs?

1. Basil –

Basil is known for its antimicrobial properties. If the nose is closed not only in winter but also in summer, then using basil helps to open the closed nose.

How to use it?

Crush the basil leaves with ginger. Now mix this mixture in hot water. Add a few drops of honey to the ginger-basil mixture.

This mixture can be drunk twice a day in case of freezing. It will be of great benefit.

2. Garlic –

Garlic is a good ingredient if you have a cold and cough even in hot weather. In fact, garlic is a kind of blood purifier. The mixture of garlic, lemon, chili powder, and honey has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Chili powder has a thermogenic effect on the nose, but the vitamin C found in lemons works to boost immunity.

How to use it?

Peel a garlic squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Mix them well. Add a little lemon juice, a pinch of chili, and honey. It is good for getting rid of cold and cough. It should be taken until you feel better.

3. Ginger –

Ginger has antibacterial properties, which help prevent colds in summer. Mixing ginger, lemon, and honey will cure your cold and cough very quickly.

Suffer from colds and coughs

How to use it?

Ginger to make this mixture first then cut a thin piece of ginger. Let one cup of water boil well. Add lemon juice to this boiling water.

You can add honey to it to enhance the taste, but you have to drink it hot.

4. Cinnamon –

Cinnamon is great for curing colds and coughs. It helps in curing viral attacks and other infections.

How to use it?

Boil cinnamon well in some water. Add one teaspoon of honey with this water. Drinking cinnamon tea once a day can cure a cold in a few hours.

5. Onion protect form cold –

Onion is an effective remedy to get rid of cold cough. It not only helps to flush out toxins from the body but also destroys the bacteria present in the windpipe.

How to use it?

Cut a few pieces of onion in a bowl and mix it with honey. Cover this in a bowl and leave it overnight. Drink the liquid mixture on an empty stomach in the morning.

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