Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Tag: Russia started production

Russia started production of Sputnik V

Russia started the production of the corona vaccine. On August 11, they demanded the discovery of the world's first coronary vaccine, Sputnik V. According to the Russian Ministry of Health, the vaccine, developed by the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Gamalia Scientific Research Institute, has begun to be developed. According to Reuters, the vaccine will hit the market by the end of this month. Many scientists fear that Russia is more important to their national self-esteem than security. The fast vaccine was given to the daughter of President Vladimir Putin.Russia has said it will launch a mass immunization test. Earlier, it was said that commercial production would start in September. 20 countries have applied for more than 1 crore vaccines. Russia will be able to produce 50 million vaccines a year in five countries with foreign partners. Russia claims the vaccine will save people from Corona for at least two years. However, scientists are skeptical about bringing the vaccine in such a hurry. The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the 9 corona vaccines, which it considers to be in the final stages of testing, do not include the Russian vaccine.

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