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The best apps for selling rare books online

Do you wish to make money by selling rare books online? Then you need to figure out the best apps that can help you with selling rare books. By sticking to the right apps, Shapero it will be possible for you to reach out to the customers with ease. Here’s an overview of the best apps that you can use to sell rare books online.


This is perhaps one of the most well-known applications for selling things, so why not use it to sell your old books? Furthermore, many students use this resource when they need to purchase or sell books at a lower cost. On the whole, it’s a great deal.

You may browse all of the items for sale on eBay, compare prices, text a seller, and finally make a transaction. In the description section of the app, you may include all of the required information about a product.

Shapero told us that on the other hand, eBay is renowned as an auction site, which makes it even more successful when it comes to selling your books, because individuals who truly need a product are willing to pay more than your stated price in order to obtain a good bargain. You may set a time restriction for your auction, and other bidders will be notified.

You will be notified whenever new consumers look at your products. You can add an audio-description if you don’t have enough time to describe your book in depth. The entire selling procedure is simple and straightforward.


Let go is another app that may be worth your time if you’re looking to sell your books. It is virtually as well-known as eBay, despite the absence of auctions Shapero. It is used by millions of individuals to sell everything from cars to plants. The entire process of listing an item for sale online is quick and simple, which is why consumers choose this app.

The software searches for better deals and buyers based on price, location, and product kind. It makes wholesale more convenient because the bargain you obtain will most likely not require you to ship your book halfway around the world. Another useful aspect of this software is that it allows you to market to a more specific audience.

By the way, when you submit a photo of an item you’re selling online, artificial intelligence detects it and tags it for you, saving you time Shapero. This software stands out because of its ability to save a lot of time.


The essence of it is simplicity – all you have to do is post a photo of your item with a description, and nearby buyers will find you.

At the same time, there is rivalry from customers searching for a good deal or specific items such as rare books.

After some time selling, you will establish a reputation, which will increase the pace with which you sell (if you want to).


Not only can you sell your old CDs, DVDs, and videogames here, but you can also sell your old CDs, DVDs, and videogames. It’s crucial to remember that this software is exclusively for use in the United Kingdom.

The principle of operation for this app is very similar to that of all other reselling apps, Shapero which means you simply need to post that you are selling a book, take a few photos, and scan a barcode on the back of the book so that the app can identify the nominal price and publishing date, and you are ready to sell.

There are many payment options, including one patent and bill payment. Overall, this is a really excellent software with a simple user interface and no extra features other than the ability to sell and purchase old books. On the App Store and Google Play, WeBuyBooks is becoming increasingly popular.


It enables you to sell almost anything, even books. You can create attractive listings in 30 seconds to sell or shop from a huge online marketplace from anywhere, at any time, using this app.

Consumers here use keywords to find what they’re looking for, so don’t forget to include them when listing your products. As always, you have the option to communicate privately with both local and international consumers.

Because your items are visible to individuals all around the world, there are several possibilities to obtain a good bargain. If you want a more concentrated commerce, you may establish groups based on certain characteristics, such as local groups, international groups, low-cost groups, and so on. You can also use the app to promote your deals on Instagram.

You have the option of uploading up to four photographs of your item. You establish your reputation by receiving comments from past consumers. Beautiful advertising photos may also be shared with other users.


This is a really useful software since it aggregates information from all other websites regarding book sales in order to assist you in finding the ideal books. By the way, it’s quite simple to use. You may use your phone’s camera to look up a book by its ISBN.

You may also evaluate over 30 different pricing options for your old books before tagging your own. After that, you may decide where you’d like to sell your books. Your items will be packaged and sent at no cost to you.

Everything remains official; you will receive a receipt or money will be transferred immediately into your PayPal account. It will be incredibly useful to college students since it allows them to compare book prices before selling their own.


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