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Top 10 Strategies for Mobile App Marketing

What is Mobile App Marketing?

Mobile app marketing is a way to promote mobile applications by promoting them through various channels. There are a variety of ways to promote your mobile app. The challenge is finding the right way to promote it and identifying where you should spend your money so you can see results.

One of the main goals with mobile app marketing is to acquire users and keep them engaged so they will install and use your app regularly from then on out. There are several strategies that work well for this, but successful marketers know there isn’t one particular strategy that works great for everyone or every type of app. They focus on getting as many people as possible to download their apps instead of just focusing on those who will eventually purchase something from them.

Have a unique and catchy app name

If you’re creating an app to market on the iOS platform, first thing that comes into focus is the name of the app. You should always give preference to a creative and catchy name for your app as it plays an important role in attracting customers as well as increasing the stickiness factor of your app. For example: Angry Birds, Instagram, Pinterest etc…

Make navigation easy

After coming up with a creative and unique name for your app, now it’s time to make it more effective by making its navigation simpler so that users can easily use the different functionalities of the application without facing much difficulty. Navigation is very significant in case of mobile apps because people are not familiar with the interface of an app when they first use it. So proper navigation panel is a must have for improving user experience and retention rate.

Offer in-app purchases

In order to increase the revenue, generate from your mobile application, you should add in-app purchase option for users so that they can buy different premium features or content within your app. For example: Apple offers in-app purchases on Appstore to its customers so that they can upgrade their existing version in order to get more enhanced features. In-app purchasing has become a popular business model in recent years because people usually spend money on useful stuffs rather than wasting them on useless things. A good way to capitalize this habit is by offering various premium features or content within your mobile application.

Have a proper monetization strategy

There is no use of developing an app just for fun. If you’re creating an app, it’s always better to have a proper monetization strategy in place because that can help you generate revenue and eventually increase the popularity and user base of your mobile application. Monetization models vary from one industry to another as per the different market scenario but usually it falls under following categories:

i) Paid apps

ii) Advertising

iii) In-app purchases

iv) Subscription Based Model

v) Freemium Model etc…

Include social sharing option

No matter whether its web or mobile app, if you want to make it popular then having social features is very important. Social features are effective because people are always connected with their social circle. So, adding sharing option is a good idea to increase the stickiness factor of your mobile application. For example: Facebook’s ‘share’ option, twitter integration etc…

Give priority to UI/UX design

There is no point in developing an app if it’s not user-friendly enough for users to use it comfortably and conveniently. UI/UX design plays a vital role in improving overall customer experience so you should give priority to this while designing or developing an app because ultimately it decides whether customers come back to your app again or not. Try to get rid of jarring transitions between screens, buttons that are too close together etc. which can impede user experience drastically.

Make your app compatible with all devices and platforms

You should always try to make sure that your app is available on different mobile platforms like iOS, Android etc… because if its only available on one platform then you’re missing out a lot of potential customers. Try to cater people using different operating systems at the same time so that you can increase the user base and generate more revenue in future as well.

Improve user engagement rate

User engagement is very important for increasing customer loyalty so it’s vital for an mobile app developers to improve their existing application by adding new functionalities or contents through updates from time to time so they can attract old as well as new users. Constant upgrade will keep your app alive and keep users engaged as well which is the best way to improve overall revenue generation.

Be honest with your users

It’s always better to be honest with your customers because you might face a lot of problems if you’re not. If your application is free then try to avoid including any useless features or contents within it which can irritate existing as well as potential users. They will uninstall your app immediately and there would be no use remaining an app without client base.

Use social media channels for promoting mobile apps

Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter etc… are great places to promote your mobile applications because they allow you to target specific audience according to their location, interests etc… So, using these channels can help you generate good amount of traffic towards your app eventually increasing its revenue generation.


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