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Top 6 Car Tyres in 2022- Goodyear, Bridgestone, Etc

Are you seeking the best tyres for your vehicles? You must be confused after looking at so many brands in the market, claiming to be the best!

So, drop down all the worries because the experts from Steve Slattery Cars are here to give you the names of the best tyres in the UK.

We all understand what they are, and we’re likely familiar that while they all appear to be the same – black, round, rubber rings that rest at the edges of the car. There is a variety of them, each designed to accomplish differently vehicle characteristics we drive, the landscape we drive on, and the effectiveness we expect.

They are the only portion of a vehicle that makes contact with the ground. Thus their significance cannot be emphasised. Having a pair of good Cheap Tyres Loughborough fitted to your automobile is the most important safety feature you can have.

So, who is responsible for the design and manufacture of these tyres? You’ve probably heard of Bridgestone, Goodyear, and Michelin, but what about the rest of the manufacturers? What are the most well-known brands?


Bridgestone is the world’s largest tyre producer and is based in Japan. From high-performance race tyres to the most cost-effective light-duty tyres, and everything else in between, the company has you covered. Bridgestone has a long history in motorsport, having provided tyres to Formula One (F1) from 1997 through 2010, as well as smaller divisions such as F2 and F3 ever since the 1980s.

Till the end of 2015, they were also MotoGP’s sole tyre supplier. Since 2000, Firestone, a Bridgestone subsidiary, has been the IndyCar Series’ only tyre supplier.


Goodyear is an American firm that makes the best-selling tyres in the world. It is serving as a manufacturer of cycle and wagon tyres since 1898. They were manufacturing tyres used on the moon by NASA less than 100 years later. It has had a long history as a tyre provider in Formula One, and despite not competing since 1998, it still holds the title of most successful tyre supplier.

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing now uses Goodyear as their only tyre supplier (NASCAR).


This French tyre company is a global player in the business, with tyres sold in even more than 170 countries. Michelin was founded in 1889, and its primary focus was on developing a pneumatic cycle tyre that did not involve glueing to the rim. The business has a history of being an industry leader, having designed and developed the radial tyre. The firm has a long history in motorsport and is currently the MotoGP’s sole tyre supplier.

They also competed in Formula One on and off until the end of 2006. Michelin now manufactures tyres for anything from cycles to space shuttles, in addition to automobiles.


The Germans are dedicated to producing high-quality automobiles, and their tyre production is also of the highest calibre. However, the 150-year-old enterprise does more than make tyres. Brake systems, auto technology, safety systems, and engine and chassis components are all areas where Continental excels. The company’s structure reflects its versatility, with five main business units: Chassis and Security, Powertrain, Interiors, Tyres, and ContiTech.

Continental owns and sells several subsidiaries of tyre brands for niche markets, including General in the United States and Barum in the European Union and Russia.


Dunlop, which is a large percentage by Goodyear, is likewise a secure pick for drivers all over the world. The tyre’s superb quality has been handed down to its smaller sibling, and Dunlop’s tyres contain some intriguing technology. While it currently owns the Dunlop brand in many western markets, including Australia, Dunlop India Ltd is responsible for the Indian division as well as numerous Asian countries. Sumitomo Rubber Industries operates Dunlop in various Asian nations, including Japan, China, and Indonesia, as well as Africa, Russia, and the vast bulk of South America.

Dunlop was the first one to design a steel cord tyre in 1972, and they were also the first to manufacture a puncture-resistant tyre not long after.


Yokohama is in the market since 1917. The first snowy tyre, the first tubeless tyre, and the first steel radially tubeless tyre are just a few examples. Yokohama uses the ADVAN brand on their high-performance tyres in Japan and many other countries. Yokohama’s goal is to create designs that are primarily geared toward the competitive aftermarket and the performance value.

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