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Top Poses of Yoga For Hamstrings to Remove Tightness

Do you know that tight hamstrings are prone to injuries? That’s right! Tightness in your hamstrings leads to Sciatica nerve pain because of the lack of flexibility. Not just that, it hampers your free movement that halts your exercise regime. So, what to do? The best thing that you should do is practice yoga for your hamstrings.

Yoga consists of various yoga poses that specifically focus on your tight hamstrings. Therefore, with consistent practice, you get loose, flexible, and agile hamstring muscles. Check out the best poses of yoga for hamstrings that are easy to do. Read on.

Top Yoga For Hamstring Poses

Child’s Pose

Before stretching your legs, especially hamstrings, you should remove stress and fatigue from your legs. That is why you should practice Child’s pose. This is one of the most comforting poses of yoga for hamstrings.

Sitting on your shin bones releases fatigue from your hamstrings and calf muscles. Furthermore, it gently massages your knee to ensure they are moist and in perfect health. Not just that, the Child’s pose improves the flexibility of your ankles that improves your movement.

Easy Pose With Forward Bend

Although sitting with crossed legs is good for the knees, it has many benefits for hamstrings as well. When you bend forward while maintaining a good posture, your glutes are stretched. It further stretches your hamstrings muscles when you bend over.

What you can do to extend the stretching, you should move your arms ahead in front of your body. That way, your body is going to bend a little further. Thus, it puts additional pressure on your back and hamstrings. In short, you are going to get flexible. You can also use a yoga block to rest your head on while bending forward.

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Standing Forward Bend

One of the most practiced poses of yoga for hamstrings is the Standing Forward Bend. It not just works on your hamstring muscles but also improves the functioning of your back. In short, it releases pressure from your spine that decompresses it without any hassle.

However, just make sure you do not put pressure on your back. To counter that, you need to bend forward from your waist and not your lower back. That stretches your hip muscles and makes your SI joints strong. Thus, you become less prone to injuries while moving or stretching your body.

Pyramid Pose

The muscles at the back of your legs are as equally important as muscles on the front or inner thighs. That is where the Pyramid pose helps you out. It works on your hamstrings as well as your inner thigh muscles. Just make sure you keep your front leg straight without putting more than the required pressure on your back knee.

Moreover, touch your head to your knee. If that is not possible, place a yoga block under your head and rest your head over the block. This gives your lower back a little rest so that your spinal discs don’t move or shift from place.

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Head to Knee

It consists of more than two yoga poses if you look closely. The first is the half-bound angle pose with a sitting forward bend. However, the best thing is that it does allow you to move beyond your body’s natural limit.

Placing your heel into your groin massages your knees. Further, when you bend forward to touch your head to your knee, your hamstrings stretch out. Thus, it increases the flexibility in your hamstrings, glutes, and calve muscles.

Western Stretch

One of the finest and most effective poses of yoga for hamstrings is the Western stretch. Almost every type of athlete practices it. All you have to do is bend forward while sitting down and extending your legs.

However, the twist is that you have to bend forward while keeping your back as straight as possible. This shifts all the stress from your spine to your hips, hamstrings, and calves. Therefore, the flexibility in your legs increases automatically.

Sum Up

Practicing yoga is one of the most effective ways to improve flexibility in not just your hamstrings but your overall body. However, in case you want to learn from a yoga master, you should enroll in a YTT Rishikesh. This ensures you learn from trained, certified, and experienced professionals so that you learn more and become less prone to injuries.


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