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Twitter Spaces: Here are the top features you should know about


Twitter first introduced its audio chat rooms called Spaces in November 2020. The feature, a rival of the live audio chat Clubhouse, has become quite popular on the platform. In fact, it is now available on both mobile and desktop browsers as well. Users can access Spaces from within the app on both Android and iOS devices.

If you create a Space or are a speaker in one of the events, then your followers will get to see the same, at the top of their timeline (in their Fleets). Users can also send invites to people to join a Space. One can join as a listener and ask the host to be invited to the platform to speak as well. Twitter Spaces also lets users react and send out emojis during the ongoing conversation.

Over the past few weeks, Twitter has elevated the experience on ‘Spaces’ by launching several new features. Here are five Twitter Spaces features you should know about.

Record conversations

Twitter recently announced that its new feature will allow hosts of its audio service Spaces to record and share chats with others. This feature will initially only be available to a limited number of Spaces Hosts on iOS (and all listeners on iOS and Android). It will be launching for everyone in the near future.

The new functionality will allow users who enter a Twitter Spaces late to replay the broadcast once it is finished, provided the host has enabled recording.

Listen to Spaces without an account

Twitter has confirmed that it will make it easier for users to listen to Spaces. The company has announced that users who do not have an account on Twitter will also be able to listen to Spaces.

The hosts will not be able to share direct links to their Spaces with others, and the individual can then attend the virtual debate session via the Web eliminating the need to log into Twitter. The new feature would be especially beneficial to people, who still don’t have a Twitter account.

Hosting a space

Twitter now grants all users the ability to host a Space. The feature was previously limited to users with 600 followers or more.

Updated Tweet composer

Twitter allows users to directly tweet from a Live Space on Android and iOS devices. Whether you use an Android or iOS device, you will be able to directly tweet from the Spaces page by accessing the new composer which will automatically link to the audio along with the hashtags of the Space.

Twitter also announced recently that all live and upcoming Spaces have become searchable on iOS, though it is not clear when this will be made available on Android and desktop.


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