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Ultimate Smart TV buying guide: smart TV offers a world of possibilities, but what about the sound?

Buying a new TV can feel like a merely stressful experience for several reasons. Most people tend to hold on to it for far longer than they say.  You could try to find a review online of varieties of Smart TV from the brands like Samsung, LG, Sony and even MI TV based on the majority of public need from some great sites that specialise in TV.But choose the one that is ideal for you and fulfil your needs. You surely need to look at the specifications in-depth and prioritise your needs.Here is the list of specifications that help you find the best Smart TV.


The HDR-compatible set offers more realistic colours and better contrast. HDR is a new feature of 4K Ultra HD sets and its stance for high dynamic range, a recommendation to its ability to deliver more colours, more contrast levels and increased brightness. It provides you with an enhanced and premium visual of the thrilling content. HDR is essentially an upgrade of the 4K, or Ultra HD, format. However, it does not apply to 1080p HD sets.

Apart from companies like Samsung, LG and Sony, MI TV has also been offering premium specialisation like HDR-compatible sets, higher screen resolution and much more for a better screen experience. See here TV Recliner


Regarding smart TV refresh rates, 60 Hz is good, but 120 Hz is better. An increased refresh rate provides smoother motion for everything, from movies and shows to live sports and gaming.

The refresh rate of a Smart TV describes the number of times per second an image is refreshed on the screen. The standard refresh rate is 60 times per second or 60 Hz. However, in scenes with rapidly moving objects, a 60 Hz refresh rate can make things look blurry or jittery, particularly on LCD HDTVs. So, to make a more solid picture, manufacturers doubled the refresh rate to 120 Hz and, in some cases, extended even up to 240 Hz.


Smart TV speakers are worse nowadays. 

Even the finest, most expensive HDTVs have a poor sound. It’s a consequence of the svelte design of flat panels — there’s not enough room for large speakers that produce full, rich sound.

In this case, we would suggest buying soundbars that can efficiently fulfil your need. 

Soundbars are popular because they can significantly improve the cinematic experience at a very low cost and yet be installed in minutes.

The best soundbars are thin enough to fit under a TV stand without blocking the bottom of the picture. Most can also mount under a wall-hanging TV. Several companies also offer sound boxes or stands that can slide under a set.

Some smart TVs and sound bars also support Dolby Atmos, a newer audio standard from Dolby that includes overhead sound for a fuller listening experience.


No smart TV buying guide can be concluded without discussing the resolution. For many years, the 1920 x 1080 resolution, also known as full HD, has been the standard. It is still the most common resolution in smart TVs across the world. The biggest feature of 4K smart TVs is that small objects on the screen have more attributes, including sharper text. Overall, images appear richer, premium and more life-like than on an HDTV, but the benefits can be precise. The sharper picture also has the added benefit of letting you comfortably view the screen from a shorter distance, making larger TVs more comfortable to view in a regular-sized home.

However, TV manufacturers are rapidly shifting to Ultra HD sets. These 4K models have four times the number of pixels as current HDTV screens.

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One of the biggest revenue generators for electronics stores is the extended warranty on smart TVs. Because they are so rarely needed, especially for a flat-panel LCD set. Most of the components in an HDTV are remarkably supple; even the LEDs used to light the picture are virtually shockproof.

So, if you do get one that doesn’t suit you the best, it’s likely to be apparent immediately or at least within the first 30 days of ownership. 

Beyond that, most manufacturers offer a one-year warranty.

Even better, there’s almost always a great sale coming up, and if you’re willing to make some small concessions, you can save thousands of dollars when you buy your next TV. Beyond that, most manufacturers offer a one-year warranty. Credit card companies may offer additional automatic coverage on purchases, so check with your provider. Follow these tips and tricks to get that cherry-pick. 

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