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Understanding Some Vital Points About Agricultural Tyres

The tyre is a protective covering on the outside of a wheel. It provides both protection from punctures and damping of road vibrations from the rough surface. The material includes rubber which gives it elasticity, strength and treads to grip the surfaces. In addition to this, the materials used include steel wire reinforcement, fabric plies, and some other components for adhesion.It also has some properties that make cars safer, including traction under various driving conditions… This article will provide a brief overview of the significant types of Ceat Tractor Tyres available in the market today:

1. Dimensions – 

Tyre sizes are measured by three main parameters: diameter, width, and aspect ratio. Diameter is the radius of the tyre, while the width is the width of the tyre when mounted on its rim. Aspect Ratio stands for the height of sidewall in comparison to diameter.

2. Types- 

Tyres are broadly classified into car tyres, truck tyres, SUV tyres, van tyres, tractor tyres, etc., depending upon their application. Some also have specialized uses, including aircraft tyres, motorcycle tyres, and bicycle tyres to name a few.

3. Construction –

There are three basic types of constructions used in manufacturing rubber products:

  • The Steel cord wrapped with rubber tread, which is referred to as bias construction; 
  • Wire reinforcement radially laminated onto the carcass ply direction known as radial construction
  • There are Steel cords wrapped around under-tread grooves are called cross-ply construction or diagonal pattern. 
  • Other combinations are used, such as bias-belted or radial belted tyres.

4. Features – 

Tyres usually have many features such as V-shaped grooves (used to channel water), longitudinal grooves (used to evacuate water), shoulder grooves, and tread blocks … While tread patterns mainly help in the grip, size, and shape of the tyre, it has an impact on performance and comfort over different surfaces.

For Example, large-diameter tyres tend to provide a stiffer ride than lower-profile tyres due to their reduced sidewalls and special considerations in turning corners. Such factors also need consideration by racing drivers who drive for more extended periods at higher speeds.

5. Colour – 

The colour makes no difference, but it represents the brand identity and other characteristics such as rim size and shape. 

For Example, Continental tyres have a black sidewall with white lettering, while Bridgestone tyres have their company name identified with a red logo.

6. Price – 

The price of a tyre may vary depending on the quality, design and application. Lower priced tyres are mainly available in smaller sizes due to their ability to achieve economies of scale.

In contrast, higher-priced tractor tyres come with run-flat technology, better grip for performance vehicles etc. Even among high-priced tyres, there is still significant room for difference in pricing depending upon features.

7. Aftermarket Replacement Parts –

In the automotive industry, they refer to aftermarket parts as either “OEM” (original equipment manufacturer) or “third party”. Many dealerships require them to be replaced with original equipment parts, while some automakers do not mind aftermarket parts in their vehicles. 

This is because many automotive components are manufactured by third-party companies and sold under different names. In contrast, vehicle manufacturers cannot advertise every single product they produce.

For Example, Michelin tyres include Goodyear, Dunlop, Bridgestone etc as well as its brands. These third-party manufacturers often have other features in their products apart from what is available in the original manufacturer’s tractor tyres. 

8. Mileage – 

Mileage varies among different types of tyres depending upon usage conditions such as driving style, load carried etc. In general lower-priced Agricultural Tyres tend to have a shorter life span whereas higher priced ones have longer-lasting treads. 

  • Many car owners prefer buying cheaper brands due to cost savings but this may be compensated by the performance criteria mentioned earlier.
  • Replacement tyres are usually sourced online through online platforms that offer them in bulk at wholesale prices than local tire shops that cater more to retail customers.

9. Longevity – Tyres do not last forever and they eventually need replacing due to various factors such as wear, tear, the impact of natural elements on the tyre surface. This can be seen on the inside edge of tyres where constant abrasion takes its toll over time. 

  • Many drivers may not notice this gradual degradation but it is often sufficient for replacement. 
  • Wear can also cause problems with driving during wet conditions whereas tractor tyres with good tread are more likely to grip better in such situations.

10. Sidewall Location – 

The location of sidewalls varies across different brands of car tyres. Manufacturers have their branding name embossed at other locations depending upon tyre type For example Bridgestone tyres have branding embossed at the top side while Michelin has them situated usually close to them.


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