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Frameworks Importance in web development

Frameworks are software products that simplify the creation and maintenance of technically complex or heavy projects. The framework, as a rule, contains only basic software modules, . and all project-specific components are implemented by the developer on their basis. Thus, not only high speed of development is achieve, but also high productivity and reliability of solutions.

A web framework is a platform for building websites and  web applications that facilitates the development and integration of different components of a large software project. Due to the wide possibilities in the implementation of business logic and high performance, this platform is especially well suit for creating complex websites, business applications and  web services.

The main advantages of frameworks

Cost-effectiveness and feasibility of using frameworks

From a business point of view, development on a framework is almost always more cost-effective . and of better quality in terms of the result than writing a project in a pure programming language without using any platforms. Development without using a platform can be the right solution only in two cases – either the project is very simple and does not require . further development, or it is very load and requires very low-level optimization (for example, web services with tens of thousands of requests per second). In all other cases, development on a software platform is faster and better.

If we compare frameworks with other classes of platforms – SaaS, CMS or CMF – then frameworks are much more efficient to use in projects with complex business logic and with high . requirements for speed, reliability and security. But in simple and typical projects without significant requirements, . the speed and cost of development on the framework will be higher than on SaaS or CMS.

Technical advantages of frameworks

One of the main advantages to using frameworks is that . the framework defines a unify structure for applications built on top of it. So, applications base on frameworks are much easier to maintain and refine, . since the standardize structure of the organization of components is understandable. to all developers on this platform and it does not take a long time to understand the . architecture to understand the principle of operation of the application or . find a place to install one or another functionality. Most frameworks for developing web applications use the MVC paradigm. (model-view-controller) – that is, very many frameworks . have an identical approach to organizing application components, and this makes . it even easier to understand the application architecture . even on a framework that is unfamiliar to the developer.

Designing architecture

Designing software architecture when developing on a framework is also very simplify – . framework methodologies usually incorporate the best software engineering practices and . simply following these rules can avoid many design problems and mistakes. Basically, a framework is a set of concrete and abstract classes, . interconnect and order according to the framework’s methodology. Concrete classes usually implement mutual relations between classes, . and abstract classes are extension points at which the basic functionality . emb in the framework .can be use “as is”or adapt for the tasks of a specific application. To provide extensibility, most frameworks use object-orient programming techniques: . for example, parts of an application can be inherit from the base classes of the framework, . or individual modules can be include as mixings.

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Ecosystems of web frameworks are also rich in out -of-the-box . implementations of many functionalities. Developers do not need to “reinvent the wheel” when working on common problems . , as they can use the implementation already create by the community. And this not only reduces the cost of time and money, but also allows . you to achieve a higher stability of the solution – a component that is use. and modified by thousands of other developers is usually better implemented and . better test in all kinds of scenarios than a solution that can be develop . by one developer in an adequate time frame or even a small team.

Frameworks are not libraries

A library is a simpler component of software architecture. The software library can be use simply as a set of subsystems of similar functionality, . without affecting the architecture of the main software product and without imposing any restrictions on it.

The framework, on the other hand, not only provides the developer with the necessary functionality, . but also dictates the rules for building the application architecture, setting the default behavior at the initial stage of development, forming a framework that will need to be extend and change according to the specify requirements. A framework can also include utility programs, code libraries, a scripting language, . and other software to facilitate the development and integration of various components of a large software project.

Comparison with alternatives

Before Web Developer E is often worth a choice between box CMS and frameworks for the implementation of the project. Each of the approaches has its pros and cons, below . we will consider the advantages and disadvantages of developing on frameworks.

Pros of frameworks

  • Development on a framework (as oppose to self-written solutions) allows you to achieve ease of project maintainability.
  • It is possible (and relatively simple) to implement any business processes, . and not only those that are initially incorporate into the system . Also, projects base on frameworks are easily scalable and upgradeable.
  • Framework-base solutions tend to work much faster and withstand more workload than CMS and self-written systems. That is why many popular online stores work not on boxe CMS, but on frameworks. In terms of security, solutions base on frameworks are significantly superior to . self-written systems and are comparable to CMS (as a rule, sites base on frameworks are even safer).

Cons of frameworks

  • The development time for standard functionality is longer than when using CMS. Frameworks contain only the basic components of application – level business logic , so many functions are implement individually.
  • Development on the framework requires an understanding of the business processes that need to be implement. For example, if the CMS already has a predefine order processing process, then the do not provide this.

Popular web development frameworks 

Popular php frameworks:

  • Yii
  • Symphony
  • Zend
  • Laravel
  • Kohana
  • CodeIgniter

The most popular Ruby frameworks are:

  • Ruby on Rails (clear leader)
  • Sinatra

Popular Python frameworks:

  • Django
  • Plone
  • Twist
  • Flask
  • Tornado

Popular Elixir framework:

  • Phoenix

Popular Go frameworks:

  • Gin
  • Martini

Popular Java frameworks:

  • Spring MVC
  • JSF
  • GWT

Popular Kotlin frameworks:

  • Spring
  • ktor

Microsoft frameworks (multilingual):

  • ASP.NET (ASP.NET MVC) and .Net Framework

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