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What Are Power Chains for Braces?

What Are Power Chains for Braces?: It’s are an device that uses pressure to alter the position of your jaw and teeth. They can aid in preventing problems with tooth decay, gum disease and jaw-related issues.

If you have braces the brackets are bonded onto your teeth. A wire is inserted into the brackets, and it is then secured to the back teeth. This wire is regularly adjusted to gradually shift your jaw and teeth to the new location.

If you’re considering getting braces, or have already got them, you’ve probably been aware of the power chain. It’s an elastic chain that your dentist can utilize to add additional force.

Learn the basics about power chain, the people who might require them, and much more.

What are braces for power chains?

Usually, tiny elastic bands, also known as ligatures, are used to secure the wires of your braces to the brackets. In this scenario each bracket would be equipped with an individual ligature.

The power chain comprised of several connected elastic rings that give the appearance of a chain. When the power chain is attached to braces, it replaces individual ligatures, and connects multiple brackets.

What are braces for power chains do?

Let’s take a look at the benefits that could be derived from using braces and power chains in conjunction with power chains.

Power chains are flexible

Power chains are a great option together with braces to tackle the following issues:

  • closing gaps between teeth closing spaces between teeth, like those that occur following extraction. 
  • The goal is to ensure that you have a consistent spaces between the teeth
  • Aligning teeth that are not straight
  • teeth that rotate
  • correcting your dental midline

Certain teeth might be linked by a power chain while other teeth could utilize ligatures that are unique to each tooth. This way, your dentist will tackle the diverse requirements for treatment in different areas in your mouth.

As with individual ligatures, power chains are also available in a range of different shades.

They are more powerful.

Power chains are more durable over individual ligatures. The orthodontist may utilize them to apply greater pressure to an area should it be necessary.

They’re simple to apply

The process of attaching a power chain to your braces is easy. Your dentist will remove the ligatures in their individual brackets. They’ll replace them with those rings on the power chain.

Power chains are sold on the spindle. Due to this, your orthodontist can trim the lengths of chain you require for your braces.

Side effects and risks

The force generated by power chains diminishes with time. This is caused by factors such as:

  • The type of power chain
  • the particular material they’re made from
  • the movement of your teeth, caused by factors like chewing food, or shifting your teeth
  • The mouth is a place where environmental factors play a role like the temperature, humidity and contact with saliva

Due to this your orthodontist might have to replace the power chain. This is usually completed during an appointment for adjustment.

In general, the dangers of power chains are comparable to braces. They could comprise:

  • Gum diseases: The food you eat can get stuck in the braces and around them. If it’s not cleared by flossing and brushing your teeth it could lead to plaque build-up and, in turn, result in inflammation and irritation of your gums.
  • Teeth decay the buildup of plaque could result in tooth decay. This could be the first stages of tooth decay (demineralization) or progression to tooth decay.
  • Roots of the tooth that are short: Roots anchor your teeth within your jaw. Since braces move the teeth of your mouth, it is possible that you might have a shorter tooth root as compared to someone who doesn’t have braces. This could result in more unstable teeth.
  • Correction lost: While braces with power chains are able to align your jaw and teeth but you could lose the corrective effect if do not diligently use your retainer when your braces are taken off.

Can power chain braces be uncomfortable?

Sometimes, you’ll visit an orthodontist in order to have the braces adjusted. At these times the wire that runs through your brackets is adjusted to exert more pressure. This will allow your teeth to slowly move to new locations.

A power chain can be added or replaced to braces in the course of adjustments. If this occurs an orthodontist will replace the ligatures on your individual brackets using chains of power chain.

It’s normal to feel discomfort or pain when your braces are adjusted, such as when a power chain has been installed or removed. It usually only lasts just a few days following the adjustment.

It is possible to help reduce the pain of your chains or braces by using OTC (OTC) pain medications Acetaminophen (Tylenol).

Notice: While other OTC pain relievers such as Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) and naproxen (Aleve) might seem as good choices but they actually slow teeth movement, and must not be used.

Who is in need of braces for power chains?

Braces are often required by people and can also include power chains, as they get younger. It’s usually between 8 to 14. Face bones in those at this age are still developing, which makes the teeth move more easily.

But, adults can get braces and power chains too. In reality, around 1/5 of the patients who receive orthodontic treatment is over 21 years old.

Power chains are used in a myriad of scenarios. They’re typically utilized to close gaps between teeth , or to generally guarantee a consistent space between the teeth. They are also utilized to improve the alignment of your jaw and teeth.

In the final analysis, the choice of whether or not a power chain is utilized depends on the individual needs of your treatment. Your dentist can assess the align of your teeth as well as your jaw, to decide whether you require braces, or not, using power chains.

How long do I have to keep my power chains on?

Based on the American Dental Association, most people wear braces for one to three years. The exact duration that braces are in use will be determined by your personal situation.

Similar to how long you’ll have to wear a chain will vary based on the treatment plan you’re following. Certain people might need to wear chains for weeks, whereas others might require them for a long time.

Types of braces with power chains

There are generally three types of braces power chains. They are:

  • closed: There’s no space between the rings of the chain of power. Instead each ring is linked direct to the following ring on the chain. This kind of power chain joins to each bracket.
  • Kurz: Each ring in the chain is separated by a brief distance. Short power chains is connected to every bracket.
  • Lang: The rings of the power chain are separated by a larger distance. They join to each third bracket.

The type of power chain that is used will be determined by the treatment plan you have in place. There is a chance that different kinds of power chains can be utilized at various times during your treatment.

Take care of your power chain

Maintaining the braces as well as power chains is extremely vital. To do this, you need to:

After each meal, brush your teeth.

Food particles may accumulate within your braces as well as the power chain, causing plaque build-up. It is recommended to brush your teeth at the end of each meal. If you’re not able to floss your teeth regularly, wash your mouth out with water.

Use a soft brush

Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles. Be gentle in order to minimize strain on your braces and the power chain.


In addition to taking food particles that are stuck gaps between teeth flossing also aids in the removal of food particles from your braces and chain. You can make use of a small device called floss threader to assist floss when you wear braces.

Rinse after cleaning

Rinsing your mouth thoroughly after flossing and brushing will assist in the removal of any food particles that remain. Rinse your mouth using either water or with using a fluoride-based rinse.

Examine your braces using the mirror.

After you have cleaned your teeth, be sure to examine the power chain and braces using the mirror. Check for any breaks or parts that seem broken or loose.

Avoid certain types of food

Certain kinds of food items are more likely cause damage to your braces and the power chain. Beware of these kinds of foods:

  • Foods that stick to your teeth. Sticky foods can be stuck to pull on your braces as well as the power chain.
  • Hard food. Biting into hard foodslike Corn on the Cob or apples could result in cracks in your braces, or the power chain.
  • High-sugar food items. Foods that are high in sugar could encourage plaque formation.

What should you do if the power chain is broken

It is possible that your power chain might be damaged. It could happen at any point along the chain. You’ll likely find a split while taking care of your teeth.

Contact your dentist immediately. This is crucial since a fault within your chain of power could reduce its effectiveness which could impact the treatment you receive from your orthodontist.

You’re likely to see your orthodontist in order to get your power chain replaced. It can be done in a an office visit of just a few minutes.


Power chains are constructed from elastic materials and comprise of many linked rings. They’re incorporated into braces to provide greater force to the area that is in your mouth. They are often used to fill in gaps between teeth. However, they can also aid in aligning your jaw and teeth.

The force that the power chain exerts will diminish with time, your dentist is required to replace them often. The discomfort or pain that comes with an upgraded power chain can be alleviated with OTC pain medications.

A healthy mouth is essential when you wear braces that come with power chains. Always floss, brush, and rinse your mouth after eating. If you notice a fracture or a break in the power chain, at any point call your orthodontist promptly.


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