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What are the benefits of eating fennel?

Fennel has a great relationship with Indians. The waiter goes with fennel seeds in a small bowl while paying the bill after eating at the restaurant.

It is common for Indian people to eat a small amount of fennel in the customer’s mouth and walk around a few times more Fennel restaurants filled with tissue paper.

The value of anise seems to be the highest among the mouthfuls. Fennel is used not only as a mouthwash. But you can also as a cooking spice.

Especially in vegetarian cooking, it is appreciated. Fennel Seeds are used for boiling and fennel powder. It is also used in sweets, bread, various types of soft drinks.

What are the benefits of eating fennel?

1)   Fennel contains a lot of fiber. One spoon or about 6 grams of fennel contains about 2 grams of fiber. In comparison, the amount of fiber in apples is 3-4 grams. 

According to the presence of fiber, the quality of the fennel is almost equal to that of an apple. Eating 25-30 grams of fennel a day is good for your health.

2) Fennel works well to reduce digestive energy will be reduced stomach pain, gas, heartburn, constipation.

3) Fennel contains antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory compounds. They work well to treat stomach problems.

Benefits of eating fennel

4) Anise is beneficial in reducing inflammation as well digested and helps reduces flatulence.

5) Fennel also works to relax the muscles of the body.

6) Drinking fennel-soaked water keeps the body cool. Put a teaspoon of fennel and a little candy in a glass of water at night. Waking up in the morning and drinking that water keeps the body cool.

7) Fennel is also useful in eliminating bad breath.

8) A little fennel in the morning and afternoon to keep the skin bright.

9) Eating fennel with candy improves eyesight.

10) A pair of fennel matches weight to control cholesterol levels.

11) The quality of the fennel is also enough to keep a good memory.

The way to eat fennel-

1) Many people have the habit of eating fennel as a mouthwash.

2) When making tea, add a little fennel to it. Or spread a little fennel powder on top after making the tea. I would like to drink aromatic tea. It is also good for health.

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3) If you add fennel powder in any batter like fast food, spicy foods, then foods become tastier. Also, get the benefits of eating fennel for your health.

4) If you can’t eat fennel directly, you can also eat fennel in the form of supplement tablets.

5) If the children have stomach problems, give them aniseed water. It is much more beneficial than medicine.


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